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Interview with Duddie

Could you please tell us your name and your role in emulation?
PSEmu author... :)

How did you discover emulation?
It was a long time ago.... I have got Speccy (my favourite computa) emu for Amiga or PC (can not remember right now....) and.... it was really awesome... really slow... like PSEmu nowadays... but it was usable...

What made you want to start creating PSEmu?
I wanted to show up myself on emu scene.... so... here I'm!!!!! And why PSX??? Simply... there were no PSX emulator!!!!! So.. it is better to make a new emu, even working partially than creating an emu clone.... EMU of EMU????

How long have you been working on PSEmu?
Ups.... Since I have bought PSX.... march'97.... probably....

What programming language did you write PSEmu in?
Pure C!!! I really prefer pure languages.... to make things portable...

How long have you spent programming PSEmu?
Programming is about 10% of real time I'm spending on making this. 50% takes resourceing PSX executables and 40% analyze of them! It is really time consumpting processs.

How difficult would you say that working on PSEmu has been?
It is really difficult! You see, that there is no docs on internals or even let's say externals (libraries, includes, something like that), so everything have to be done by resource intuition... I think that intuition is 90% of success. And the biggest problem it that I don't have an Action Replay so many things can not be tested and it is reason of slow exploration of PSX!!!!

How did people react to PSEmu while it was still being created?
Ouch, they were shocked, etc and non believing... even Emu News Service creator has written an article about PSX emulators on scene, that was really... sad! But, I have to thanx those non believing people, they have me motivation to keep on work!

How have people reacted now that PSEmu is playing games?
Oh G!

What plans do you have for PSEmu?
To make it working :)

Do you plan to optimize PSEmu in the near future?
Yes, my friend "MUST STAY ANNONYMOUS" is working on PSEmuNT (New Technology!!!! :) multi threaded PSEmu..... with dynamical recompilation and DirectX support... I will not optimize it too much 'coz I'm to make it working and then let my friends make it fast.... :)

Do you have any set goal for PSEmu?
Yes, and I have achieved this: Raiden Project!!!!

Are you having any problems because of working on PSEmu?
Yes, I'm spending money on paper for printer :) So... please donate me.... :)

Date: Oct. 30, 1997
Author: Chris Hickman

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