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Shadow Dragon Interviews Landy

Please state your name and afflictions.
maybe in OS maybe in DC... who cares? now i say only from my own mind.


You write an Emulator correct? Could you please tell us what system, and what it does?
yes i trying write an decent NES emulator... it's a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator... Now it does not much :) just waste disk space :)

oh, and what is the name of the Emulator?
name.. i don't know.. :) really.. :) first code what i write.. (pure C) i called as 'iNES', but now iNES means portable emulator.. and my own emulator not portable.. thus..

I see, iNES has been ported though correct?
iNES is fixed, improved, expanded version of my previous C code..

for example my previous C code not draw screen correct (colors).. and not supports Scroll(transparent)..

I see, what exactly does it run right now (ROMs), and on what systems will it run?
it really not run big roms.. only small games w/o mapper.. but i works on fast page swapper..

btw.. now fetch byte from ROM take the same time as previous Fetch Byte w/o mapper :)

oh my english really bad :) it's really fast.. bcoz i use Watcom C++, FLAT memory model for initialize emulator my NES emu required at least 386 PC...

Well, it is ok, the other big NES emulator (PasoFami) does sound, does your emulator support sound, and if not, when will it (Sound seems to be a big thing as far as EMUs go)
i don't know how memory needs now.. ~400K for internal caches + 4 times*GameROM size(in future)...

no: VideoROM*4+PRG_ROM... i hope 4MB enough for not very big games... as i told 8 months ago.. i need US NES for do decent sound. i'm not satisfying with sound what i can produce by my ChineseNES crap.. thus until i'm not get US NES, i'm not emulating sound.. i plan do SB/SB16/GUS digital sound.. no FM. of course it take CPU time for generate sound.. but generate like 500 bytes per interrupt not much... as i know NES have mono sound.. at 22Khz. 22050/60Hz= <400 bytes :)

right :), well, that about wraps it up, you have anything you would like to add?
uhm.. add to what? :) i'm stupid like moose in King Quest 3 :)

Any other comments, or anything else you would like to say
i hope i get some free time in future and finish NES emu.. btw.. i'm interesting in Java language and will prepare my web page :) maybe Mario on web page - it's cool idea? :)

Kewl idea :)

Well, thank you for the interview Landy.

Date: Oct. 20, 1996
Author: Alan Dykes

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