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Typhoon Z interviews Lord ESNES

Hello ESNES, could you please tell me who you are and what you do in the emulation scene?
I am esnes, a spanish guy. I am working in a snes emulator (ESNES)

What caused you to decide to make ESNES?
When I was a boy, I had a super nes, In september I tested some snes emulators and it didn't work, then I decided make another one

Where did you get the information on how to make an emulator?
Searching in internet , Damaged cybernetic, Cdoty , yoshi docs .. and besides I got help from yoshi, riff and jwilking ( and now from jeremy koot)

What is your opinion of the other SNES emulators? Do you like certain things about them, or model ESNES after any particular one?
hmmm, I like vsmc and vswc, but I can't test snes96 and spw ... snes profesional is a young proyect, yet.

What do you see in the future for ESNES?
I don't see the future, I live the present ... I would like get a great snes emulator, I haven't a lot time

Are you currently working on any other projects?
yes I am starting my university proyect ... in the emulation scene, I am helping a friend who is making a tg16 emulator

Do you have any comments that you might like to tell the readers of this article about ESNES?
When I started ESNES, I didn't know the languages C and Assembly and I didn't know any about snes ... thanks a ESNES I am learning it now ...

Well, thank you for spending the time to answer my questions, good luck on ESNES, and keep the good work up!
Date: Dec. 18, 1996
Author: Chris Hickman

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