Jerremy Koot On SNES9X (July 24, 1997)

This interview is conducted by EMU ZOO newsletter and appeared in issue 4. Many thanks goes out to Dcepticon for letting EMU News Service post this interview on this site.

What kind of system is needed to run SNES9X for Win 95/NT at full speed?

I don't know, but a Pentium 166MMX or a 200 do the trick just fine... My 133 Also does a good job but not 'that' good... We are working on several speedups... So be on the lookout for next versions...

How is ROM compatibility with SNES9X for Win 95/NT? Is it better, worse or equal to that of SNES9X for DOS?

Equal, there could be a very small diference because the Win95/NT version may have a somewhat newer source... But the difference would be minimal....

In terms of popularity, do you feel that SNES9X is in competition with Genecyst? (kind of like SNES vs. Genesis a few years back)

No, one system cannot compete with another system, both are very different,
but very similar... What I mean to say is, that it's comparing a Mac with a PC... Both run a windows like system... But if you talk to mac people they say that the pc suxs and if you talk to pc people they say that the mac suxs....

Is the SNES more difficult to emulate than the Genesis?

I can say that emulating a SNES is HELL... It's NOT easy and all who think
they can do better, please try... I never tryed to emulate a Genesis, so I don't know if it's harder, I did hear that the information about it is even harder to find... (For the SNES it was/is hell to find info about it...)

In the future, do you think SNES9X can be as fast as the Genecyst?

Since I do not know how complicated the genesis is, I do know that Snes9X is the fastest in its kind, all who think that NLKSNES is fast, wait until it gets the features of Snes9X, like H-DMA, IRQ, etc... They all require the same sort of screen redraw method, that's line per line... And that takes A LOT of time... NLKSNES doesn't have this, and if they ever do, then the speed will drop a lot...

Has any further progress been made in emulating SNES sound since the release of SNES9X for Win 95/NT?

I myself did not code the sound part of Snes9X(general), but it's always in
development and everyday some improvements are made... But it's been only a
few days since the 95/NT release..

Other than sound, have any other advancements been made?

As I said, it's only been a few days, but at least for the Win version, a lot of advancements are coming... Like a Cheat finder, save/restore with sound(unlike the current dos version), sound quality selector and joystick support....

What is the next planned SNES9X release?

We never 'plan' a release... We never know when we have enough bugs fixed for a release or when we added enough features, this also takes away any stress for getting the release in time... (And also removes bugs that keep finding their way just before a release)

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