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Interview with Jerremy Koot of SNES9x
(October 1997)

Why did Mr.Grim leave SNES9x?
Why did he leave? Ask him twice and he'll give two reasons. We don't know why exactly. He told me that it was because he didn't have enough time... Then again he said in an interview that it was because of the 'attitude' of the SNES9x team...
What do you think of ZSNES?
They've come very far and I think they'll go even further... The emulator is faster then SNES9X but what do you expect, it's a C based emulator (SNES9X) against an assembler based emulator (ZSNES)... SNES9X has almost no good assembler optimizations, but it's already bloody fast in C... So let's just wait for the SNES9X: Assembler version and compare again ;-)
What did Mr. Grim do wrong?
What he did was he lied his way into the SNES9X team by saying that he was
an experienced assembler programmer. He told us that he was going to
optimize the sound part of SNES9X in assembler but never started on it... He only gave useless 'tips'... After getting the SNES9X source he left the team and helped an other emulator (I won't name it) with things directly taken from SNES9X (for example the sound decompression routines), although he claims it's general public information. We must prove him wrong. The sound decompression routines for example are not 'general' compression routines and are very very very badly documented... Gary spent several weeks on even getting it to produce some correct sounds and even now it has a bug or two... I would bet that he would never been able to create those routines by himself...
What will you do in the future?
What we won't do it take on 'new' programmers who say they can do
this or that... And for the rest, the future can't be written so let's not start on that....
Thanks for your time.
No problem.