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3/15/98 11:40 PM MEGAߥTE²: OK, this whole SRM situation is fucked up... but it seems that we weren't the original's copying their site, but the Pit site has us as copying them agg........ Anyway, I am going to mass-mail all SRM owners for rights to use them fucking off Jee Shin I've u/l'd a new index, with the main part commented out. add the rest of the files (using the new format) and I will try to get rights to them. Of course I only have one e-mail at this time...
3/16/98 12:24 AM Deezer: *sigh* okay
3/16/98 12:25 AM MEGAߥTE²: ok I've made a big mess of that page...
3/16/98 12:26 AM Deezer: God knows I'm going to do that with the ZSTs
3/16/98 12:26 AM MEGAߥTE²: woo hehe
3/16/98 12:26 AM MEGAߥTE²: umm like did you read my e-mail yet?
3/16/98 12:26 AM Deezer: No I like just got home
3/16/98 12:27 AM MEGAߥTE²: heh ok, well you can read it on the page if you want..
3/16/98 12:27 AM Deezer: k
3/16/98 12:29 AM MEGAߥTE²: imagine what AR would think if their ppl were evil like Jee
3/16/98 12:29 AM Deezer: LoL oh man
3/16/98 12:38 AM MEGAߥTE²: well I just u/l'd an article I wrote
3/16/98 12:51 AM Deezer: DON'T GET JEE SHIN ON ME NOW!!!
3/16/98 12:52 AM MEGAߥTE²: LoL I hope he comes back and reads what I have to say
3/16/98 12:52 AM Deezer: Yeah me too
3/16/98 1:07 AM MEGAߥTE²: you read my 1st Article, my 2nd article will be up 2morro
3/16/98 1:08 AM Deezer: Okay

3/16/98 11:44 PM MEGAߥTE²: it's not my fault I don't have the ability in my condition to send a good e-mail... bastard
3/16/98 11:45 PM Deezer: ?
3/16/98 11:46 PM MEGAߥTE²: Jee's last e-mail, I mean like WTF?
did he read my 'Intellectual Property' wrong or something?
3/16/98 11:47 PM Deezer: Oh uh he replied to my reply to that and said "It was sent a little late. Actually I didn't mean to send it at all"
3/16/98 11:48 PM Deezer: Oh
He only sent it to me
Forwarding in progress
3/16/98 11:53 PM Deezer: Okay uh well they are running slow right now, but basically all he said was "Oops that was sent a little late... actually it wasn't even meant to send at all. Everything's cool right?"
3/16/98 11:54 PM MEGAߥTE²: oh that's real smooth.. bash me, and then not send me the apology...
damn I wish I was able to get my update online.. I'll do it now.
3/16/98 11:59 PM MEGAߥTE²: amending Int.Prop.#1 *sigh*
3/17/98 12:08 AM MEGAߥTE²: "I will do NEITHER of them, since I'm not like those typical American bastards who sue people for stupid things like picking your butt in a coffee shop or something. "
3/17/98 12:27 AM Deezer: LOL
Hmm I just got another Jee Shin letter
The one that he sent by accident was the one where he said uh "So you claim the same contributors sent you the same files?" or something
3/17/98 12:28 AM MEGAߥTE²: hm okay...
3/17/98 12:29 AM MEGAߥTE²: send me all the apologies, b/c I haven't gotten anything..
3/17/98 12:29 AM Deezer: k
3/17/98 12:31 AM Deezer: Forwarded
3/17/98 12:41 AM Deezer: On that SRM page you have the To: parts all messed up Like there's one that I sent you and Jee and you just put your addy
3/17/98 12:42 AM MEGAߥTE²: yeah, I removed all occurences of Jee, cuz I don't want to be responsible for any m-bombs or anything, he hasn't put us on his page, so I won't put him unless he requests it.
3/17/98 12:43 AM MEGAߥTE²: all this legality shit and I've missed my usual updates...
3/17/98 12:47 AM MEGAߥTE²: be sure to contact alamone and johnmog about their srms
3/17/98 12:47 AM MEGAߥTE²: I want to see if Jee will give us his old S9X archive...
3/17/98 12:48 AM Deezer: I don't think Jee likes us anymore
3/17/98 12:48 AM Deezer: THIS PAGE IS COPYRIGHT ©©© 1998 Bobby Diatch! Any word, letter, or HTML tag you use that appears on this site will be immediately interpreted as a copyright violation. All offenders will be prosecuted in virtual court, where you will be sentenced to 10-15 virtual years in virtual prison, where you will be virtually ass-raped by your virtual cellmate named Bubba!
3/17/98 12:49 AM MEGAߥTE²: LoL SRMPit?
3/17/98 12:50 AM Deezer: LoL yes SRM Pit. You haven't seen it recently? Oh man it's a piece of work
3/17/98 12:50 AM MEGAߥTE²: I saw the one after your last reply.. hehe please bomb my hotmail!!
3/17/98 12:51 AM Deezer: Yeah that's the one
3/17/98 12:54 AM Deezer: I think he got REAL pissed and left the internet
3/17/98 12:54 AM Deezer: Or he's just saying that so people don't bomb him hehe
3/17/98 12:58 AM MEGAߥTE²: you would tell me if I was out of line, wouldn't you?
I don't know why Jee thinks I'm all bad and stuff when you're the only one who's bashed him personally... but I don't care either.
3/17/98 12:58 AM Deezer: Too bad that uh one letter was sent accidentally
3/17/98 12:59 AM Deezer: I agree with you 100%
Jee is just a uh selfish jerk I guess
3/17/98 1:04 AM Deezer Hm I might as well e-mail the 2 addresses we DO have of the contributors

3/21/98 12:44 AM MEGAߥTE²: LoL oh I guess you didn't get that jee-mail (now that's an interesting pun...)
forwarding now...
3/21/98 1:05 AM Deezer: Is it just me, or does it seem Jee won't let us have the last word?
3/21/98 1:06 AM MEGAߥTE²: heheh well maybe we'll get a link off of him...
3/21/98 1:06 AM Deezer: He gets 80 hits a day
3/21/98 1:07 AM MEGAߥTE²: we get 50-100 so it's even
3/21/98 1:22 AM Deezer: The only e-mail I get about PP is from Jee hehe

4/2/98 1:09 AM MEGAߥTE²: .. nother Jee mail
4/2/98 1:09 AM Deezer: Good or bad?
4/2/98 1:09 AM MEGAߥTE²: umm good?
4/2/98 1:09 AM Deezer: Hm
4/2/98 1:11 AM MEGAߥTE²: Hi.
A horde of idiots continue to send me Snes9X Snapshot files (S9X). I really want people to stop sending me those huge 200kb files, so could you please make an Snes9X snapshot archive? I really need to direct people to some place where they could actually be recognized for their generosity instead of their idiocy. Anyway...that's just my suggestion. Later for now...
(oh by the way...get a NedStat counter...they kick ass)
4/2/98 1:12 AM Deezer: hehehe
4/2/98 1:12 AM MEGAߥTE²: hehehe look at his last update
4/2/98 1:13 AM Deezer: LoL

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