Last updated: 3/16/98: DOWN

Yes, this page has gone down. I won't name names, as not to embarrass him, but someone not-so-politely asked me to remove this page, because he claimed I copied his HTML code and whatnot. (I guess the universal HTML tags that I used looked exactly like the tags he used! Whaddya know?! *rolls eyes*) I would post the email message here, but that would probably be infringing on one of his pseudo-copyrights and he would sic his butt-buddies on me.
I hope everyone has learned a lesson today: if you post something, expect it to get ripped off. People who just can't deal with the unregulatedness of the 'net have pissed me off long enough, and I have decided to cancel my account with my ISP.

Oh, and by the way, he has asked his fans to mail bomb and/or harass me.
Go ahead. Mail bomb me, I don't care. IT'S A FUCKING HOTMAIL ACCOUNT FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! I only have, like, a half dozen more! And I won't even have internet access to check it anyway....... So please, mail bomb me! It will be a splendid waste of time! BWA HA HA..

"Goodbye, cruel 'net..."

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