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  • 98.03.21 Konfiskated Teknologies
    Konfiskated Teknologies has been started! MIDIs have been uploaded upon request. Netside is taking an official vacation from Patent Pending. If you care, today is the first day of spring. If you don't care, today is the vernal equinox.
  • 98.03.20 Links
    The Links page has a few links to get you started. Focus will now move to the Technical Documents section.
  • 98.03.19 A short history
    The NES, IBM, Mac, and TG-16 emulator indices and the SNES SRM index have been updated. History section added on main page. Lots of descriptions have been added throughout the site. Credits page has been redone.
  • 98.03.18 SRM Status and other updates
    C64, /|\2600 and MSX emulator indices updated. SNES utility index updated. More articles have been added to the archive.
  • 98.03.17 Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    The SNES SRM status has been updated, and a new article added, 'Intellectual Property part.2'. Also, some NES translations patches have been added. How do you like the color? Yikes. Don't worry, it'll be gone tomorrow :)
  • 98.03.16 Gameboy ROMs and lots of Articles
    Gameboy ROMs have been added, as well as the EMU News Service Article Archive. Also I've written two articles, 'Legality Issues of Emulation', and 'Intellectual Property'. PC Patches and PC Addons pages have been discontinued.
  • 98.03.15 SNES SRMs
    Most of the SNES SRMs have been taken down. See the index for details.
  • 98.03.14 Article archives
    Apparently today at 1:59PM is 'Pi Day'.. get it? 3.14159 Month, Day, Time. Why do I care? . (from my personal site) Anyway.. The Article Archives have been added. So far, Archaic Ruins articles are up.
  • 98.03.13 More updates
    The Arcade, /|\2600, Mac, and NES emulator indices have been updated. Not bad for the second Friday, the 13th this year.
  • 98.03.12 Updates
    The Amiga, Arcade, Genesis, and SNES emulator indices have been updated.
  • 98.03.11 Quick update
    The MSX emulator index has been updated.
  • 98.03.10 More updates
    The SNES, NES, and Sinclair QL emulator indices have been updated.
  • 98.03.09 Lots of Updates
    The TG-16, Joystick, SMS, Atari 5200, Arcade, Atari ST, SNES, NES, Gameboy, and Amiga emulator indices have been updated. 'Origins of Patent Pending' article is up in the Opinions section. Also, Deezer, DarkOrk, and I have hopefully gotten rid of any bad links. Please notify me if we missed any.
  • 98.03.08 SMS MIDI
    The Sega Master System MIDI index has been completed.
  • 98.03.07 SaveGames
    The ZSNES and N64 SaveGame archives have been started.
  • 98.03.06 Updates
    The Saturn emulation index and the NES Utility index have been updated. Snes'9X has been recontinued and will have Super FX support!
  • 98.03.05 N64 ROMS, Again!
    DarkOrk and I have added twenty-nine new N64 ROMs, nine coming from Dextrose's N64 ROM making contest, `Presence of Mind '98`. Some of them are even emulators for systems like the NES! Hopefully `GB '98` Gameboy ROM making contest will produce the same results! Emulation is indeed alive again.
  • 98.03.04 N64 MIDI done
    The N64 MIDI index has been completed. Many links in the emulators section have been fixed thanx to Deezer.
  • 98.03.03 N64 MIDI
    I've started on the N64 MIDI index. It should be finished tomorrow.
  • 98.03.02 N64 ROMS!
    I've added eight new N64 Demo ROMs! Also the first versions of 'Zelda Improvement' and 'Final Fantasy Improvement' (similar to 'Mario Improvement') have been released! A 'MIDI of the Week' page has been added in the Video Game Music section.
  • 98.03.01 Emulators again
    Amiga, Arcade, Atari 2600, Gameboy, Macintosh, x86, Windows, Lynx, MSX, QL, and Wavetable emulator indices have been updated. Also lots of files and stuff has been added to the PC Games section. This site has been in existence for 2 months, and it's about 2600 hits strong ( /|\2600 coincidence? ;)

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  1. News and Introduction: This is the page you are at now. It contains info about this site and tells what's new
  2. Emulator and Utility Archive: ALL known emulators for ALL known systems and their Utilities
  3. Game and Emulator Reviews: Reviews of games and emulators, both new and old.
  4. Demo, SaveGame, and Translation: Homebrewn ROMs, Translation Patches, and Save RAMs of many games for many systems
  5. Technical Information: Everything about console systems and emulators that we could dig up
  6. PC Games: Downloads of the latest, greatest, and classic PC Games
  7. Video Game Guides: Are you stuck in, or have questions about a game? Maybe we can help!
  8. Video Game Music: MIDI, MODules, and other files of tunes from video games
  9. Links & Sponsors: Banners and links to our sponsors, and a few select sites
  10. This site will NOT contain commercial ROMs or other software, so don't even ask...


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