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News and Introduction
Icons*In Production
Game Reviews and Opinions*In Production
Faqs*In Production
Technical Information*In Production
R0MZ*In Production
Video Game Guides*In Production
Video Game Music
Credits and Special Thanx*In Production
Playstation*Up, but still in production


  • 4-1-98 News
    Wow, long time has passed, only this time, Admist is back with a brand new look! As you can see, alot of stuff is not up yet. I'm working on it, though. I don't think that I need to list all the updates, I mean, can't you tell? Hahahaha!! Don't you think that Admist has gone -X-tream? Thought so. . .
  • 3-5-98 News
    Hey, what do you know? I'M BAAACCCCCKKKK!!!!! But just because I am doesn't mean that this site will keep on being updated as much as it was when I started out. Lots have been going on, and I have alot of stuff to do at home, especially with all the school work I have. We still need help!! So if anyone can help, PLEASE email us already!! Keep on checking back, we're gunna start updating very often (Gulp, I hope). . .
  • 3-1-98 News
    Having trouble with the random MIDI for the NES page. I'll get it working better sometime soon. Kempo is working on an Admist Search Engine. People are questioning me as to what it is/does. ASE is a search just for this site. For instance, if you type in "Final Fantasy", most/all matches for the phrase will show. This will be useful when we start getting to work on everything else, with the movies page, PSX/Game Shrines, and all that stuff.
  • 2-24-98 Admist on SimpleNet
    The Admist Station is now on SimpleNet, with a faster connection, faster speeds, Unlimited EVERYTHING!!! We're gunna rule!!!
  • 1-1-98 Admist Station Is Born!!!
    A new light shines upon the world as a new creation has been made. From a far, you see new stars shines. It is the one and only thing that could have happened! For, the Admist Station has been born! Today, the day the world will redeem it's glory as Admist promises to be the defenders, fighters, watchers, and protectors of the world! Enter, and see the many battles being fought! For this is. . . Admist!

  • Admist News

    • Admist is back!! This time, we play no games!!!

    Section Descriptions

    1. Icons: Icons
    2. Game Reviews and Opinions: Umm... Game reviews and Opinions = )
    3. Faqs: Game Question's and Answers
    4. Technical Information: Everything about the NES console system that we could dig up (under construction)
    5. ROMZ: Emulators and Romz
    6. Video Game Guides: Walkthroughs and very many useful tips
    7. Credits and Special Thanx: Self Explanitory :-)


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