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4/2/98 1:03 PM DarkOrk
Did you let this guy copy PP?
4/2/98 6:30 PM DarkOrk I talked to the guy (he was on my list...that was the wierdest thing...some other guy told me about the site) and he said one of the other two people he was working with on the site introduced the layout the beginning of this month...
4/11/98 3:20 PM MEGAߥTE² GRR Admist hasn't given us credit for layout yet..... If they don't soon, they will be sorry (harassment, bomb, etc.)
4/11/98 3:22 PM DarkOrk hmmm...he did have a link with the banner and huge ass text...
4/11/98 3:23 PM MEGAߥTE² and where did it go?
4/11/98 3:24 PM DarkOrk I don't know...I will talk to him tommorow
4/11/98 3:24 PM MEGAߥTE² ok. thanx.
4/11/98 3:26 PM DarkOrk he respects my word cuz I came down on his ass hard when I found out...he will have something easy to see or I will kick his ass...not to mention he is in my friend's "hacking" group....which is just a farse of the whole lame ass cracking community hehe...anyways if need be I can have him whip his ass into shape :)
4/11/98 3:27 PM MEGAߥTE² hehe ok. it seems EvilTech took our design, Kempo added the PP notice, but then took it down b/c he's done all the recent updates
4/11/98 3:29 PM DarkOrk k
hmmm...mabey I should have a word with EvilTech... KeMp0 told me he didn't take it...I believe him...hasn't ever done anything that he would need to lie about
4/12/98 5:54 PM MEGAߥTE² umm Admist is still not giving us credit!
4/14/98 6:24 PM DarkOrk He hasn't been on yet...probly went some where...he was on spring break
4/15/98 7:53 PM MEGAߥTE² hmm I saw him on, but you were still in school..
4/15/98 7:54 PM DarkOrk damn...oh well...I e-mailed him and Deezer and I posted to his guestbook...and I e-mailed eveyone that had signed in April...
4/15/98 7:56 PM MEGAߥTE² well if we aren't credited soon, I will post up their site on ours as LAMER OF THE YEAR...
4/15/98 7:57 PM DarkOrk yeah...
4/16/98 9:21 PM MEGAߥTE² I posted on Admist GB, SSF posted on ZMD (though I didn't tell him to)
4/16/98 9:21 PM MEGAߥTE² and somebody else posted on Admist GB right after me
4/16/98 9:21 PM DarkOrk Yeah Deezer told me that he did...
4/16/98 9:22 PM MEGAߥTE² I had to reply to the mass lamers on ZMD
4/16/98 9:22 PM DarkOrk heh
4/16/98 9:22 PM DarkOrk with the borders now it looks quite different...
4/16/98 9:26 PM MEGAߥTE² yeah.. but if I don't see a link appear in a few days.. there is going to be a whole new LAMER OF THE YEAR section.... and that site is DAMN ORIGINAL.. and he couldn't have possibly retyped the whole thing considering our HTML styles aren't the same... but my HTML is still there..
4/16/98 9:28 PM MEGAߥTE² I haven't gotten a chance to make button gfx on the side bar.. now if I do.. LamoTech will think I ripped his bastard ass
4/16/98 9:30 PM DarkOrk heh...don't takes too much time to load anyways :) personally I like Lynx friendly sites :)
Well he is being an asset to me at the moment :) has some mp3s I need hehe
4/16/98 9:30 PM MEGAߥTE² well he can't deny ripping it anyway: " I did not rip off anything from your site. I did not even know that there was a site called Patent Pending, much less, a site with the same format. My crew had done this on their own. I had nothing to do with it. I don't like stealing things from other people, including formats. I always do things origonal. I thought that the new format on "Admist" was." --Kempo
4/16/98 9:31 PM MEGAߥTE² Kempo told me he was getting a new team, and making another new format for the site.. yet he hasn't
4/16/98 9:31 PM DarkOrk yeah I know...and they both blame each other
4/16/98 9:32 PM DarkOrk I know...he told me the EXACT same thing
4/16/98 9:45 PM MEGAߥTE² actually the site would have to have been ripped b4 3-22 b/c I changed it slightly then
4/16/98 9:39 PM MEGAߥTE² I've got copies of PP: March 21 and AS: April 1 ready..
4/16/98 9:40 PM MEGAߥTE² heh Unfairity section is gone...
4/16/98 9:40 PM DarkOrk ok good
post em and a page comparing them could you send me the April 1st site?
4/16/98 9:47 PM DarkOrk yeah...well KeMp0 got his computer fucked by someone's VB program....LoL
4/16/98 9:47 PM MEGAߥTE² he he he hahahahahaha
4/16/98 9:47 PM DarkOrk damnit...Telia was into
4/16/98 9:48 PM MEGAߥTE² ... the one person I've heard nothing about/from
4/16/98 9:49 PM MEGAߥTE² telia doesn't have hotmail like the others do... >:)
4/16/98 9:50 PM DarkOrk but the old site centered on emulation...soo...hmmm...I never have heard KeMp0 talk about emulation...but he knew I was into it cuz he was askin about how I programed ROMs...
4/16/98 9:50 PM DarkOrk hehe
4/16/98 9:55 PM DarkOrk it is looking less and less like EvilTech did it...he is in charge now but he had nothing to do with the 'old' site...I had been there a few times...
4/16/98 9:56 PM MEGAߥTE² well he is the one who actually edited the source.. as for who ripped it.. ?
4/16/98 9:57 PM DarkOrk Yeah...I am thinkin Telia did...mabye
4/16/98 10:06 PM DarkOrk eek...I am teaching EvilTech about ROM programming
4/16/98 10:07 PM MEGAߥTE² umm like tell him you wont help him anymore until Admist is updated.... please
4/16/98 10:08 PM DarkOrk he just asked an idle question really...I gave him a genearl description and the demos I wrote
4/16/98 10:09 PM MEGAߥTE² ok, well if any more....
4/16/98 10:09 PM DarkOrk yeah
4/16/98 10:11 PM DarkOrk I did get a pretty kewl MOD out of him :)
4/16/98 10:11 PM MEGAߥTE² damnit it's my layout
4/16/98 10:12 PM DarkOrk yeah yeah
4/16/98 10:56 PM DarkOrk EvilTech "though of a new design"
4/16/98 10:56 PM MEGAߥTE² is it up yet? it better be up soon, or our link..
4/16/98 10:56 PM DarkOrk he is going to link to us the Links section..
4/17/98 3:49 PM MEGAߥTE² unless you get something out of the admist staff by the time I talk to you tomorrow, I'm going to stick up Admist SUX page or whatever
4/18/98 9:07 AM MEGAߥTE² he -will- make time

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