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Konfiskated Teknologies

4/2/98 11:23 PM MEGAߥTE²: hey look, somebody ripped our layout
4/2/98 11:24 PM Netside: time to mailbomb :)
4/2/98 11:25 PM MEGAߥTE²: I told him to put a big ass link to us, or change the design, otherwise, mailbomb, or how bout sign up for copyright then sue for $30,000... we can afford the $20 © fee...
4/2/98 11:26 PM Netside: yeah..:)
4/2/98 11:26 PM Netside: they are also the same kind of site... 4/2/98 11:27 PM Netside: yo.. print a copy or save the page on your hard drive.. for evidence.
4/2/98 11:28 PM MEGAߥTE²: good thing he didn't steal my MIDI page design...
'm going to have a MAJOR site update 2morro... keeps getting delayed, me being sick, then other stuff...
no time
damnit, I have our whole site always archived on my HD, unless you mean theirs..
4/2/98 11:29 PM Netside: yeah... theirs. Just the main page. We REALLY need to get a copyright on our site. Make sure you make a note of this disaster on the news section.
4/2/98 11:29 PM MEGAߥTE²: we have a reserved copyright, I'll sign up for a secured copyright soon.. either way, they can still get into trouble..
4/2/98 11:30 PM Netside: yeah.. It's funny because on their site it says not to steal their images... but it's ok for THEM to steal out whole goddam site and idea.. fuckin' assholes.
4/2/98 11:32 PM MEGAߥTE²: funny how EVERY DAMN THING is copied on their site (from the last major update) and that anything of theirs has lowercase HTML, but the framework of my HTML is still in caps, and EXACTLY like it is on ours, with spaces where they've added stuff
4/2/98 11:32 PM Netside: so.. what your saying is that they just substituted out text for theirs?
4/2/98 11:33 PM MEGAߥTE²: yeah, everything is EVERYTHING even "Tha Fine Print"
to "Duh Fine Print"
... the most obscure is still intact
and they even formed just after we did!
4/2/98 11:34 PM Netside: they still suck :)
4/2/98 11:34 PM MEGAߥTE²: even their main banner is set to our size, so it distorts theirs!!!
4/2/98 11:34 PM Netside: ha! they suck.
4/2/98 11:36 PM MEGAߥTE²: they ripped us around Apr Fools day
4/2/98 11:36 PM Netside: too bad the fool kept lasting. Fool them with a fake law suit :)
4/2/98 11:37 PM MEGAߥTE²: yeah, step one, ask for MAJOR recognition, if denied
step two, throw legalities their way
step three, make it so they will never want to be on the net again..
4/26/98 11:57 PM Netside: kemp0's changing the format.. I asked him, and he said yes
4/27/98 12:43 AM MEGAߥTE²: okay, what about eviltech?
4/27/98 1:24 AM Netside: evil tech has joined PP ;)
4/27/98 2:21 AM Netside: ok, tell everybody in PP... or anyone that might bitch at kemp0 to back off.. and he'll change it in a bit.

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