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ICQ Chat Save file
Started on Fri Apr 17 21:24:50 1998
<EvilTech> Hey, we need to talk.
<DarkOrk> Yes indeed we do.
<EvilTech> What exactly do you think is stolen?
<EvilTech> I hand typed ALOT of this site..
<DarkOrk> The whole layout
<EvilTech> ?
<EvilTech> No..
<EvilTech> You dont have grahics side bars...
<EvilTech> or an intro, or an opening page...
<DarkOrk> didn't a few days ago either...I was there the day you changed it
<EvilTech> What, the 2 little <table> things at the top and side?
<DarkOrk> no...but the whole layout of the main page is exactly the just have changed some of it to graphics
<EvilTech> at the very begging of the site, it looked EXACTLY like yours, I did a TON of coding to get it diffrent, and it is way diffrent from your site..
<DarkOrk> Explain the fact that the "fine" print is just a reworded form of ours...there is a graphic on the top of the page as well as a quote, there is a message down the right side, the left DID have text on the side seperated by <HR>s
<EvilTech> you could say its an improoved version of your site.
<EvilTech> but we did not cut-paste ANYTHING
<DarkOrk> but did you get the layout from our site or not?
<EvilTech> I dont know..
<DarkOrk> the explain the fact that everything is in the same place?
<EvilTech> Kemp0 had that layout befor I joined, I asked him about it and he said that he had that design before you ever made your page..
<EvilTech> (Admist has been around for a while)
<DarkOrk> he says you took the layout and "suprised" him with it
<EvilTech> heh, no.. the only thing I did was the graphics and java script, redisnged the news section...
<DarkOrk> mabey you two need to get shit straight between each other are both blaming each other...
<EvilTech> there is a whole news section part of what I did.
<EvilTech> no no no...
<DarkOrk> yes yes yes
<EvilTech> I know he didnt say that.
<DarkOrk> ...
<DarkOrk> Well he did
<EvilTech> I just talked to him
<EvilTech> Well.. were not taking it down..
<EvilTech> you cannot claim that design as yours... its been around for ages..
<DarkOrk> I (and the rest of KonTek) do not care if you keep it as long as you link to us in a visible place
<EvilTech> In the links section sure... I thought we already did...
<DarkOrk> Nope
<DarkOrk> and mention us on the main page...
<EvilTech> oh, well ill put one up, but this site design isnt yours.. your not the first to do it this way..
<EvilTech> I dunno.. why did you copy a bunch other sites..
<DarkOrk> MEGAߥTE didn't...he is a professional webmaster
<EvilTech> well. thats not the first time ive seen that design.. he mabey pro but its not very original..
<DarkOrk> Yeah...but can you explain just how much of it is the same?
<EvilTech> All I see that looks like the site is top and side bars...
<EvilTech> and that stupid disclaimer note at the bottom that I should take down (Dont know if kemp0 wants that though)
<EvilTech> BULL SHIT!
<DarkOrk> not to mention the cases of many tags were exactly the same as well as options in tags like <table> tags
<EvilTech> I complety re-typed the entire friggen page!
<EvilTech> Well, great minds type alike..
<DarkOrk> ha
<EvilTech> table tags might look the same..
<EvilTech> but I did the entire page over.

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