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You seem to have the story straight... but the words are kinda twisted around...

I wasnt here for the original sight design, The site was this way before I knew about PP or even admist. When I joined up with admist we had a link on the front page. Well.. That looked preety crappy.. It was like walking into warez page with a ton of p0rn ads. So I took it down and suggested we put it up in the links section. We forgot to put it up, and you guys threw such a fit I guess kemp0 decided he didnt WANT to put it up.. Also, Yes I did join PP, im going to do some graphics and stuff, and possibly some apps.

Kemp0 had good reasons for not being able to reply to you! His computer got screwed in a big way. Everything went haywire and they had to take it to get it fixed, he went to go get it fixed at Best Buy, and all they did was make it WORSE (Sound was gone, only worked in 16 color mode and other such annoyances), so he took it to a local PC Shop and they fixed what best buy did to it, and according to him he is sueing Best Buy. All of that took some time. If that isnt a valid excuse for not replying to a shitload of hate mail, I dont know what is..

This whole fight is really stupid and there is no real reason for me to be involved. You guys are shooting first and asking questions later, wich doesnt please me too much.

So what if some 14 year old copies your sight. Is it really gonna be the end of the world? No. You should be happy that someone liked your sight design enough that they wanted to copy it. So I would just chill a bit, you dont even seem to care about the design that much because you took it down.

There are alot of people involved in this and I dont think its really worth the time to figure it all out. From what I hear kemp0 is already thinking about taking down admist (as in canceling his simplenet account). He is also in the process of moving, so I dont know how much time he is really going to have to put into the site anymore.
Grouchy and lacking needed caffine,

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