Interview with Mr.Grim
 I did this interview on IRC, so that's why (maybe) the answers are shorts ;) ... You will see, Mr.Grim is not the horrible man people think he is ... :)

> First question, Why did you closed the project of GrimSnes and what had the emulator in it?

<MrGrim> I'm going to be perectly honest with you.. I lost interest in it. I used joining snes9x as an excuse. (though I did want to be part of snes9x) The emulator only had basic CPU emulation. The source is available to show what I have accomplished.

> Second question, Do you think you will, one day, build another emu of any console? and if yes/no... why? :)

<MrGrim> might... the mood just might strike me =)

> Third question, Do you continue to help the team of zsnes with your knowledge?

<MrGrim> yes
<MrGrim> well
<MrGrim> not as much
<MrGrim> I throw in ideas as to why a bug might be there
<MrGrim> but they are smart =)

> yeah, I figured this out ;) Lots of rummor started on the next version of zsnes, that it will have something that no one did before on a snes emulator, can you tell us a part of this mysterie? :)

<MrGrim> no.. sorry.. I have sworn not to tell =) but it is a really cool feature =)

> great, ... and do you think they keep the next version for christmas ? :)

<MrGrim> dunno

> Okey, hmm, I'm not sure if you already gave an answer on this question on another interview but: what do you think about the disconnection of snes9x?

<MrGrim> I don't care anymore

> Okey, and the last question is, why exactly did you leave the snes9x team, because I heard like 5 different reason. :)

<MrGrim> well.. I didn't like the atitude of the team (mostly gary's), I had little time due to school and band, and I just lost interest...

> band... you play music? :)

<MrGrim> Percussion

> Great ... so It's the end, I'm not gonna bore you anymore. ;) Thanks for the interview. See ya dude and good luck.
> ho and, happy christmas :)

<MrGrim> you too =)

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