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> When did you guys start SNEmul?

 _Nico_ started on july 14th (this is not a joke [note:it's the national french holiday]) using a program  that create a list of the names ( written in the roms) in a directory. This program started a couples of days before but it's really on july 14th that _Nico_ started the emulation. The integration of the emulator in a graphical user interface started in october. The developpement of the interface (GUI) is done by v0x since the start of  96.

> When will we have the chance of having a new version of SNEmul?

 _Nico_ doesn't have much time to work on it (only on saturday and sometime sunday) But we are sur that the next version will be before the end of this year ;)

> Can we have "scoop" of what will have the next version?

 The next version will have lots more of compatibility because we are currently working on the HiRom and (before the implementation of the sound) an APU Skipper that will alo us to run lots of Roms ( lots of LoRom were blocking because of the actual lame APU Skipper - stupid ;)

> What do you think of the story snes9x-zsnes?

 We find the behaviour of the autors of snes9x really deplorable. They stoped so nearly of the goal, leaving the users on there envy to have more. When they refused to give there discouvy to help the developement of others emulators, all the work is lost. For the contreversy between snes9x and zsnes, it's not of our business. But we would like to tell that Nintendo doesn't have the permission of threatening these kind of projects that are not illegal (why not the fly simulator too then ;) And the way the users use the product is not the responsability of the author.

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