The following page is a copy of [_nIRV_]'s final report before closing nEMU forever. People like [_nIRV_] make the emulation scene what it is today. It's the elitist assholes that are ruining it, not the newbies, so a big FUCK YOU goes out to the #emu ops, the SNES9X team for lying to us about SNES9X's speed and Mugrat Fayzullin for profiting from a goodwill scene. For anyone interested in exactly how this particular little page came about, check the bottom of the page, but please read the [_nIRV_]'s report first and support the little guys in the emulation scene, for without them, we would have nothing.

No more nEMU, this is my final report, the topic is: Snes9x
 I will explain to you why I'm leaving nEMU after this last report. This report shows one of the reasons I decided not to continue nEMU. Let's start...
 All of you know snes9x for his excellent compatibility, for his long historie, for snes97, snes96. But do you know the bad face of snes9x?
Do you know that snes9x tries to hide you some information. Now, if you decided to read this, you must read it from the begining to the end.
 Everyone knows what a FrameSkipper is (I wonder if the team of snes9x know where I want to go and what I'm trying to show to the community) and what it does. It's simple, if you put ex: 3 on the frameskipper, it will show a frame, skip 3, show a frame, skip 3. If you say to skip 2 frame, it will show a frame, skip 2 frame, etc.
 The point is, when you write "snes9x -f 0" you should have 0 frame skipped since you wrote ZERO. Well, that's not what snes9x does,
snes9x actually skips 1 frame when you write -f 0... Snes9x adds +1 on the number of frame you said to skip.
PROOF: If you want to see by yourself that snes9x really adds +1 to the number of frame you wants it to skip, just to this:
SNES9X -F -1 C:\blablablabla\whatever_rom_you_want_to_put_here.smc

 It will does this: -1 + 1 = 0 ... it will skip 0 frame. Now, you must think: "Well, it's simple, snes9x simply skip 0 frames when you write down a number < 0 ... and nirv is a fucking moron!". Again, I have something to prove that it's not this that happens, try this command now: (*note, you can use any number that is < -1)
SNES9X -F -2 C:\blablablabla\whatever_rom_you_want_to_put_here.smc
 It will does -2 + 1 = -1 ... you will get no gfx, because it's not logic to skip -<Number> frame after a frame showed. Now, why would -1 work when -2 , -3, etc. are not working. Simply because snes9x adds +1 to the frame number you wanted to skip.
 You still want another proof?
Check the source code of snes9x, seek for this little secret in it and you will find it. In case the snes9x team would decide not to offer anymore the source code because of some obscure reasons or change the part of the code that shows they are a bunch of liers, you can download it HERE. Hmmm now you must think: "Why the fuck is this so important".
EXPLANATION: It actually gives the impression that snes9x is faster than it is and THAT'S BAD! The team of snes9x wanted their emulator to be the best, the most wonderful, the fastest, etc. This information hides the fact that NLKE is as fast as snes9x or even more. It hides the fact that many other emus aren't so far of having the same speed of snes9x. It hides the fact that they aren't as good as they shows us, since we now know that they shows us what THEY want us to see/belive. And do not try to make me belive it's a typo or an error, it's not possible to do this kind of error, it's impossible.

 Now let's see, if they lied to us about this, why would the team be honest with everything else? This include the huge story about zsnes that would have ripped the Snes9x source code of MrGrim. So actually, MrGrim got bitched by tons of lamers without any reason. They could have simply just made this story up because they didn't want to lose the popularity of snes9x (... I'm actually totaly sure about this ...).
Now, for the pleasure of the team of snes9x I SHUT UP. I will leave you with this, if they lied to us so many time, think about all those facts they said that can be TOTALY UNTRUE. Like these new anonymous programmers, Nintendo who stops the project of snes9x, etc. Ho and if you are someone who do a technical info about snes emus and comparison with snes9x and other emus, don't forget to put the frame skipper at -1 in snes9x to have a frames kipper of 0, you may have some big surprise about the final result.
Now the reasons why I leave nEMU
 I'm tired of working hard on my emulation site, trying to bring you some good information and some interesting features like the emulators list, the frontend list, the translation list, etc. I'm tired of working hard for a scene that is actualy full of LIES, of lamers who DESPISE everyone else. When I first started nEMU, I was doing it because the scene wasn't as bad as warez. Belive me, it starts to look like this. People can't respect eatch other, and I hate this.
 Snes9x is only an example of how avaricious the scene is right now. The goal of pointing out the secret of snes9x isn't to bitch them, to try to bring as many people as I can to use zSNES, it's just to show you why I'm tired of this dirty scene.From now on, I may continue to do things on the scene, but I will certainly not work as hard as I was working for nEMU.
 I decided not to point out other things I find extremely lame in emulation (and belive me, asking roms or stupid question isn't the only thing you can do to look lame, watch some ops in #emu, you'll understand... oups am I pointing out another stupid thing in emulation???). Grow up guys. That will ends here.
 Now I want to say a big, an huge thanks to Emulation Camp, Archaic Ruins,  RetroWorld, EmuMac, Zophar Domain and EmuViews, who really belived in nEMU. Without them, I would have give up nEMU alot sooner than before. I just hope the scene will do a kind of clean up (and I'm sure the ops of #emu will have the fun of banning me with a nice text like "yep, we're cleaning up the scene"). An HUGE thanks goes to the webmaster of, who gave me, even if I didn't use it for a long time, this wonderful url, Nacho, your the best.
 Like I said, I may return, but not on nEMU and I won't work as hard as I was doing for the emulation scene. Thanks to everyone who were visiting nEMU everyday and sorry to leave you like this.

nEMU (c) 1997-98
-=Created on October 30th and Discontinued on July 17=-
I guess it's the end for me... see ya in paradise.

Ok...first of all, this hack was completed as a result of a simple brute force attack. The idiots that run this server need to learn the importance of non-alphanumeric passwords. Secondly, [_nIRV_] had no knowledge of this hack, nor am I stupid enough to inform him of who I am. I simply chose his "manifesto" because it best represented my own beliefs and I wished to show support for his decision to close nEMU as much sad as I am to see it go. Hopefully you've learned something from this. If not, then perhaps you will one day... but in the meantime, since that's probably what you're hear for, go ahead and head to the real SNES9X homepage.