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I own a Nintendo 64. When I ask a Playstation owner why they bought the PSX instead of the N64, the most common reply is "N64 sucks." Quite an intelligent answer, eh? However, some people actually backed up their claim and gave some reasons why "PSX reigns supreme." Let's look them over.
  1. Final Fantasy 7
    I don't like RPGs. Why would I buy a PSX to play FF7? Also, FF7 soon will be out for the PC. If you bought a PSX just to play FF7, I feel sorry for you.

  2. More games
    This is not a totally biased article... I have played many games for the PSX. The only ones I like are Resident Evil 2, Street Fighter EX plus Alpha, and Soul Blade. If I had a PSX, I wouldn't buy RE2 or SFEX+a. RE2 is too RPGish for me, and SFEX+a plays exactly like Super Street Fighter ][ Turbo, which I own. So that leaves one game I'd buy out of, what, 500 total? I'm not going to buy a PSX just for Soul Blade.

  3. Better games
    Umm according to who? It's all just opinions. Just because you think PSX games are better doesn't mean everyone else does.

  4. CDs hold more data than cartridges
    True, but CDs are slower. The PSX CD drive is only a double speed. Ouch. I used to have a 14.4 modem. When downloading stuff, I remember thinking, "waiting for this download to finish is like waiting for a PSX game to load."
    I've heard that if FF7 was released for the N64, it would have had to be on numerous cartridges, and the retail price would be roughly $1,000.00. Interesting. If FF7 was released for the N64, I wouldn't buy it even if it was $1.00.

  5. Less expensive
    At the time I was writing this, both systems sell for $149.95. PSX games go for $40-$45, while N64 games average $55 each.
    One could say "I bought Wargods for the PSX for $10 less!" Well I saved $40 and didn't buy it at all. So far all the games I bought are for N64 only, so I couldn't have gotten the same game cheaper for some other system.
As you can see, the N64 was cleary the right choice for me. Do you think that the PSX is better? Good for you. That's your opinion and you're entitled to it.

Now, if you didn't figure it out already, my point is that people are going to buy what they like. The games I like just happen to be for the N64. Do you think saying "N64 sucks!" is going to get me to buy a Playstation? Hell no.

April 6, 1998

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