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January 30, 1999
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Author: InVerse


We weren't ready yet. We could have been, but too many of us thoughtwe were invincible.. untouchable. Those of us that knew the truth hadno power to make the others recognize how much danger we were in. Soinstead of preparing for the coming armageddon, we welcomed it withopen arms.

It started out as a typical enough Thursday.. who knew that in the span of 24 hours, two events would occur that would drasticly change the face of the emulation scene for eternity?

1:15 PM

Sony is suing Connectix. It's on ZDnet, so this time it's more than likely true. This is bad. If Sony succeeds (and as much as everyone in the emulation scene wants to say they have no chance, they just might) then that opens the flood gates. First authors of shareware/ commercial emulators can be sued, using Connectix as a precedent. Then they go after the authors of freeware emulators. Once a witch hunt begins, it usually does not stop until the killers are satisfied. But Connectix can't lose, everybody said. They did nothing wrong. They're probably right. Sony has about as much chance of winning the case as OJ Simpson does of being found innocent. Oh...wait...

3:08 PM

Rumors are starting to circulate. A new N64 emulator is out and it supposedly plays games. Not only does it play them, it plays them at full speed with excellent graphics and sound. Bullshit, N64
emulation hasn't advanced that much yet, even if it does play games, it's not going to play them that well. Then again, the way this day has been going so far, maybe it is true.

5:06 PM

Well, by now everybody knows it's real. Some people still refuse to admit it but that's mainly because they can't bear to see the emu scene die so soon. The N64 emu is real. It's called UltraHLE. Not only does it actually play games, it plays the latest smash, Zelda 64. Not only does it play Zelda 64, it plays it 99% perfectly. 17 other games are fully playable as well. Father, why hast thou forsaken us?

The debate over the effect of UltraHLE on the emulation scene rages on late into the night and for the next several days. Some say it will destroy the scene, that it goes against everything the scene
meant to the true believers. Others said it was no big deal, that N64 emulation was no different than any other system. Unfortunately, the majority of the people contributed to the debate with "WHERE

January 29th, 1999

The official UltraHLE site displays the following message:

The UltraHLE project was a technical demo, an experiment to see if N64 emulation really is possible. It was not designed to be a tool for piracy.

Once it was released, things moved at an unforseen pace. A lot of people seemed more interested in
acquiring illegal copies of game roms, than looking at the technical efforts that went into producing the emulator. We do not condone the use of illegal roms in any form and this emulator was not designed to be used for this. The reaction we saw was not the one we expected. It seems the emulation community is not ready for something like this. The UltraHLE project is now on hold, and will be discontinued if this activity continues. Our aim is to develop emulation technology forther, not to hurt Nintendo. Without them none of this would be possible.

I've got two (or is it three?) words to say to that...bull-fucking-shit. How can anyone with enough intelligence to create such a technologically advance emulator actually believe that their program would be used for anything other than piracy?

Rumors are flying about a possible cease-and-desist order by Nintendo against Epsilon and Reality Man. No evidence of any truth concerning this but if it's not true now, it probably will be in the near future. It's bound to happen.. the line has been crossed and now it's time to pay the consequences. Unfortunately, each and every one of us are going to be suffering as a result.

Picture it... 2 years from now... after a few major busts, ISPs are paranoid as hell. They delete each and every ROM site immediately. Not only that, they turn all abusers into the proper authorities. Emulation is driven so far underground that the few remaining scene members forget exactly what daylight looks like.

This really wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that the lamers start narcing out other scene members to keep from getting charged when they get busted. Civil war erupts from within the scene
and the video game companies sit back and laugh as we destroy ourselves.

Sound far fetched? Maybe so.. but I for one sure as hell intend to plan for it. Things are damned sure going to change in the scene.

My advice? Fuck the scene.. get what you want and hide it. I don't agree with N64 emulation now but in 5 years it'll be a good thing. In 5 years I'll wanna play it. In 5 years, it might not be so easy to go out and download a ROM any time you want. So for right now, I'm stashing everything I might want in 5 years.

Is my paranoia justified? I believe so. Does that mean everything I've listed here will happen? Possibly.. If it doesn't, though, it'll be one of the few times I'm damn glad to be wrong.

Just remember.. we could have saved ourselves.


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