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This is a kewl lame chat with aStRo[Nt]

aStRo[Nt] buffer saved on Wed Jan 22 06:45:50 1997

<LoafyX> u still working witch CH?

<aStRo[Nt]> nope

<LoafyX> why not?

<aStRo[Nt]> dont want to

<LoafyX> did they ever release psycho edition SF2?

<aStRo[Nt]> i was just giveing him some pictures of some stuff i got

<LoafyX> i really wanted that

<aStRo[Nt]> i think they did

<LoafyX> cool

<LoafyX> i'll have to go get it

<LoafyX> watcha doing on this side of the net

<LoafyX> ?

<aStRo[Nt]> got perm banned form the efnet #emu

<aStRo[Nt]> got kicked out of the other #emu

<LoafyX> hahaha

<aStRo[Nt]> cant g back

<LoafyX> u always where good at getting banned =]

<LoafyX> why'd they ban u?

<aStRo[Nt]> yea

<aStRo[Nt]> i called y0shi gay 1 to many times

<aStRo[Nt]> he is gay to

<LoafyX> heh

<aStRo[Nt]> not jokeing

<LoafyX> hey he can be gay if he wants, he just can't look at me.. =]

<aStRo[Nt]> =]

<aStRo[Nt]> he is a controll freak too

<LoafyX> heh, is DC still alive, i heard they where having some trouble..

<aStRo[Nt]> oh

<aStRo[Nt]> maybe

<aStRo[Nt]> dont care

<aStRo[Nt]> the problem is MindRape is too old

<aStRo[Nt]> and dont care about it no more

<LoafyX> heh

<LoafyX> ohh well

<LoafyX> what cd?


<EFX> astro: if you get that cd then you will be real cool :)

<LoafyX> what cd?

<aStRo[Nt]> yea

<aStRo[Nt]> i guess i should try to join CC

<aStRo[Nt]> my idea =]

<aStRo[Nt]> i should be the C0- founder of CC

<aStRo[Nt]> right =]

<LoafyX> NO

<LoafyX> u left =]

<LoafyX> too late now

<LoafyX> what cd?

<LoafyX> what cd?

<LoafyX> anser the question..

<aStRo[Nt]> wtf

<aStRo[Nt]> a nes cd

<LoafyX> thats MrG

<LoafyX> he still hates u

<aStRo[Nt]> oh

<aStRo[Nt]> unban me

<aStRo[Nt]> tell him im in CC now

<LoafyX> sorry i donno run the chan

<LoafyX> MrG does

<aStRo[Nt]> its your group

<LoafyX> yeah my group, but the group doesn't run the chan

<LoafyX> the group just hangs here

<aStRo[Nt]> oh

<aStRo[Nt]> tell him to unban me just try

<aStRo[Nt]> why where you going to crazy @#@#@ about what cd

<LoafyX> hehe

<LoafyX> i was just curios

<aStRo[Nt]> oh

<aStRo[Nt]> heh

<aStRo[Nt]> i got a few cds

<LoafyX> sure u do..

<aStRo[Nt]> i do

<aStRo[Nt]> got 1 nes

<aStRo[Nt]> 2 snes

<aStRo[Nt]> 1 gen

<LoafyX> ok

<LoafyX> let me fserve of the nes cd..

<LoafyX> i won't take i just want to see

<aStRo[Nt]> umm

<aStRo[Nt]> no you CC

<LoafyX> haha

<LoafyX> haha

<LoafyX> u lie

<LoafyX> hehe

<aStRo[Nt]> get me unbanned

<LoafyX> i knew

<aStRo[Nt]> then you see the cd

<LoafyX> if i get u unbanned u show me the cd..

<aStRo[Nt]> ok

<LoafyX> ok

<LoafyX> i think ur unbanned

<LoafyX> now show me

<aStRo[Nt]> let me get the cd

<aStRo[Nt]> k

<aStRo[Nt]> hold sec

<aStRo[Nt]> unban me again

<LoafyX> stop speaking shit

<LoafyX> in the chan

<aStRo[Nt]> and whats the command to make a file server

<LoafyX> do /fserve LoafyX C:\

<LoafyX> whatever drive

<LoafyX> do /fserve LoafyX 2 C:\

<aStRo[Nt]> ok

<aStRo[Nt]> e:\

<LoafyX> ok

<LoafyX> then type it

<aStRo[Nt]> if you d/l you get cut off

<LoafyX> ok

<LoafyX> no dl's

<aStRo[Nt]> brb

<LoafyX> k

<aStRo[Nt]> need to get the cd

<LoafyX> stop stalling and stick it in

<aStRo[Nt]> ok ok ok

<aStRo[Nt]> i only have 2 snes cds and 1 gen

<LoafyX> hahha

<LoafyX> ok whats the snes cd's u have

<aStRo[Nt]> i dont have 50 for the nes cd

<aStRo[Nt]> Console update 3

<aStRo[Nt]> SfC on the pc

<aStRo[Nt]> but thats gone in the mail to get copys made

<LoafyX> wich gen cd?

<LoafyX> sure it is

<aStRo[Nt]> console up date 2

<LoafyX> let me see that

<aStRo[Nt]> ok

<aStRo[Nt]> and if i give you access to my HD DONT DELETE ANY THING !

<aStRo[Nt]> goto efnet #emu

<LoafyX> no not ur HD

<LoafyX> the cd..

<aStRo[Nt]> and ask JoeCaddie if the cds in the mail

<LoafyX> just fserve of it

<aStRo[Nt]> then you can switch to the c:

<LoafyX> just FSERVE right here and NOW

<aStRo[Nt]> ok


<aStRo[Nt]> . /fserve: Max. DCC Gets not specified

<LoafyX> do /fserve LoafyX 2 C:\

<LoafyX> but put the drive

<aStRo[Nt]> there

<LoafyX> k

<LoafyX> dir

<LoafyX> hehe

<LoafyX> u ahve ablank in or sumfin...

<LoafyX> u lie

<LoafyX> haha

<aStRo[Nt]> while do a dir

<aStRo[Nt]> or ls

<LoafyX> haha

<aStRo[Nt]> shit

<aStRo[Nt]> its upside down

<LoafyX> ok then put it in right side up, come on fool, don't u know wich way a cd goes?

<aStRo[Nt]> now try

<aStRo[Nt]> no

<aStRo[Nt]> its a gold disk

<aStRo[Nt]> no color side

<aStRo[Nt]> not labled

<LoafyX> sure it is =]

<aStRo[Nt]> it is

<LoafyX> hahah

<LoafyX> u got ripped

<LoafyX> that cd sux

<aStRo[Nt]> i know

<LoafyX> its homemade

<aStRo[Nt]> i got it for free =p

<LoafyX> sure u did =]

<aStRo[Nt]> yea

<LoafyX> wow it has like 40 gen

<aStRo[Nt]> i got a free cart from my friend

<LoafyX> how many snes does it have

<aStRo[Nt]> look

<LoafyX> still only 100

<LoafyX> hehe

<LoafyX> maybe 120

<aStRo[Nt]> i know

<aStRo[Nt]> i dont care

<aStRo[Nt]> like i said for free

<LoafyX> wow so u ahve one cd with 160, wheres the genesis cd..

<aStRo[Nt]> gen cd is getting copied

<LoafyX> sure it is, and the other snes cd?

<aStRo[Nt]> im getting 2 psx cds for it

<LoafyX> yeah ok i bet u are

<LoafyX> hehe

<LoafyX> well time to go

<LoafyX> later =]

<aStRo[Nt]> i will put in the other snes

<aStRo[Nt]> fuck you =]

<aStRo[Nt]> now get me unbanned

<aStRo[Nt]> first

<LoafyX> thats ok i believe u really

<aStRo[Nt]> no

<aStRo[Nt]> you dont

<LoafyX> no no unban the deal was u show me nes u get unbanned and u showed me no nes

<aStRo[Nt]> i can get EFX a nes cd

<LoafyX> sorry

<LoafyX> =]

<aStRo[Nt]> and i told him a person with one

<LoafyX> ur own fault

<LoafyX> sure u can

<aStRo[Nt]> but now CC lamers are going to get it =[

<LoafyX> i can too. =]

<LoafyX> hehe

<aStRo[Nt]> oh well

<LoafyX> i can get the FFE cd..

<LoafyX> and that has plenty on it

<LoafyX> hehe


<aStRo[Nt]> FFE sucks !

<LoafyX> well later fool

<aStRo[Nt]> shit cd

<LoafyX> like urs

<aStRo[Nt]> fuck you

<LoafyX> hehe

<aStRo[Nt]> see ya l8ter

<LoafyX> ur CD's are shit CD's

<LoafyX> hehe

<LoafyX> later fool <LoafyX> =]

<aStRo[Nt]> free

<aStRo[Nt]> i dont pay money

<aStRo[Nt]> FOOL

<aStRo[Nt]> FUCK YOu

<aStRo[Nt]> see ya =]

<LoafyX> me niether i burn them with my cdr

<LoafyX> =]

<aStRo[Nt]> o well

<LoafyX> =P

<LoafyX> hehe

<LoafyX> later

<aStRo[Nt]> i should have a cd-r soon too

<aStRo[Nt]> so bye

<LoafyX> sure u will

<LoafyX> just like the nes cd.. =]

<aStRo[Nt]> yea umm

<LoafyX> haha

<LoafyX> ur so full of it

<aStRo[Nt]> i will send you a copy off the nes when i get it

<LoafyX> yeah ok,

<aStRo[Nt]> youre full of it

<aStRo[Nt]> " The Emulator scene is dead"

<LoafyX> no i'm not

<LoafyX> i have all 12 console cd's i say i do

<LoafyX> =]

<aStRo[Nt]> Japanese people rule they make snes GFX along time ago

<LoafyX> and i ahve more

<LoafyX> hehe

<aStRo[Nt]> oh well

<LoafyX> ur a fool

<LoafyX> =]

<LoafyX> later

<aStRo[Nt]> you a fool

<LoafyX> to bad u didn't stay when u had the chance

<LoafyX> good bye =]

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