DeathSushi the not so New-bie


And now, read the kewl chat with Deathsushi

Logged on Sunday Night!

*** DeaThSusHi ( has joined #emu

<<<<<<<DeathSushi joins #emu>>>>>>>>

<Zophar> infe:thats true, but im using ziplink's

<Zophar> no need to change anymore

<DeaThSusHi> loooo

<Zophar> they are very reliable

<Zophar> butr

<Zophar> i could rely on my own guestbook

<Zophar> instead of shitty Lpage

<DeaThSusHi> are snes not very popular for emulators or something?

<InfeB0RG> reliable as butter eh

<InfeB0RG> :)

<Zophar> heh

<InfeB0RG> nope, no one really likes the snes around here

<DeaThSusHi> are you serious?

<InfeB0RG> after they ran chrono trigger it got boring

<DeaThSusHi> man..

<InfeB0RG> I mean really, dkc3? who cares about it

<DeaThSusHi> I kinda agree with the last one

<DeaThSusHi> but what about cool japanese titles like final fantasy etc?

<DeceiverX> uhm

<Astos> dkc games are getting annoying

<Lagomorph> They're japanese. Pointless to us Americans.

<InfeB0RG> zopharsnes ran dkc2 and ff3 but new games have some stupid copywright they gave up on it .SNES has some really sweet RPG games


<DeaThSusHi> and where is chrono trigger? I've been searching like crazy for it. But NOONE has it..

<Zophar> yep

<Zophar> i had CT

<DeceiverX> hehe

<Zophar> and i deleted it byu accident =[

<Zophar> i also had the snes cart

<DeaThSusHi> <*SoB*>

<DeaThSusHi> :)

<Zophar> but i sold it by accidnet

<Zophar> =[

<DeaThSusHi> yah...I rented the snes cart...AMAZING game

<Zophar> so both the rom and cart are gone

<InfeB0RG> I have it but the background colors are messed up in zopharsnes

<DeaThSusHi> had the sweetest story to final fantasy 3

<InfeB0RG> and the sound is a bit too high

<Zophar> but i beat it so who cares

<DeaThSusHi> games like that I can beat about four times before I get bored of them


<Zophar> the hell is zopharnses?

<<<<<The classic line!>>>>>>>.

-InfeB0RG- shaddup

-InfeB0RG- play along


<DeaThSusHi> yah I was wondering that too

-> Ops on #emu: oh

<Zophar> oh that

<Zophar> yes

-Astos- hehe

-InfeB0RG- oh that heheh

-> Ops on #emu: :p

<DeaThSusHi> emulator?

<InfeB0RG> it's not this zophar

<<<Oh the OTHER Zophar>>>>>>

<DeceiverX> .>.>.

*** turbo100 ( has joined #Emu

<InfeB0RG> it's the one that runs

<DeaThSusHi> So are games for SNES not circulated much or something like that?

<InfeB0RG> They probably won't release it because the backgrounds in CT are messed up

-Astos- whats zopharsnes, a game ?

<<<No doofus>>>>>>

<InfeB0RG> and that's the game they wanted to play

<DeaThSusHi> or are they done secretly etc.?

<Zophar> yep

-> Ops on #emu: shh

-> Ops on #emu: its fake

<turbo100> !dec-colem

<DeaThSusHi> yep to which one? :)

-> Ops on #emu: infe is being <<<ELITE>>>

<<<<Right on!>>>>>>>>>>>.

-InfeB0RG- <g>

-Astos- i know, is it a fake game ?

<Zophar> yeah go check out his page at

-> Ops on #emu: a fake emulator

<DeaThSusHi> hes got chrono trigger?

<Zophar> he might

<InfeB0RG> I have it too

<InfeB0RG> I have the alpha of zopharsnes but trust me you don't want it

<DeaThSusHi> is final fantasy 3 in circulation?

<TaNdRuM> oh ct...

<InfeB0RG> the backgrounds are screwy

<DaPlumber> The Zophar emu? I heard that had a 40bit encryption code in it.

<TaNdRuM> I have that on my other comp...

<Astos> zopharsnes rulz

<Zophar> yep, unfortunatlwey its cri[ppled shareware

<TaNdRuM> it's was 64bit...

<DeaThSusHi> emulators have turned out to be of a dissapointment for me <cring>

<DeaThSusHi> thats cringe

<InfeB0RG> wtf zophar is making it shareware ?!?!!?!?!?!

<InfeB0RG> well I'm glad I have the alpha

*** TheTARDIS ( has joined #emu

<TaNdRuM> FF3, no I haven't seen it, anyone else?

<Astos> damn you zophar !!


<DaPlumber> Didn't it play for a random time between 1 and 5 minutes before displaying a nag message?

<DeaThSusHi> amazing game...fucking amazing

<InfeB0RG> FF3 plays great on zopharsnes but the title screen is black

<InfeB0RG> it's weird

<Zophar> yeah... *** DeceiverX has quit IRC (Ping timeout for DeceiverX[port15.ful])

<Zophar> but the money is gretaly needed

<TaNdRuM> Must be an HBlank bug...

<DeaThSusHi> whats zopharsnes? the only emulator I've ever used is spw *** TheTARDIS is now known as DeceiverX

<DeceiverX> DUE

<DeceiverX> ahem

<DeceiverX> Die

<Zophar> DeathSushi its the coolest snes emu around

<Astos> zopharsnes is the best damn emulator around

<Astos> damnit

<InfeB0RG> spw? hahaha

<InfeB0RG> that piece of crap

<DeaThSusHi> I said, I'm way new at this :(

<TaNdRuM> zopharsnes blows it away...

-> Ops on #emu: LOL


<DeaThSusHi> hey...zophars home page has a wicked starting song from chrono trigger on it!!!!

<Astos> spw is a guppie in a puranai pond compared to zopharsnes

<DeaThSusHi> DAMN IT I LOVE chrono trigger :)

<DeaThSusHi> so what do I have to do to get zopharsnes?

<Zophar> well

<DeaThSusHi> clue me in to the big scene guyz...

<Zophar> you have to go to the page 1st

-InfeB0RG- wiat

-InfeB0RG- lemme do it :)

<Zophar> and sned him email

<TaNdRuM> Pay $40...unless you like 8 colours...

<<<<Wow 40$?>>>>>

-> Ops on #emu: hehe ok

<InfeB0RG> there are a couple alpha testers, i'm one

<TaNdRuM> I'm another..

<Astos> me too

<InfeB0RG> he told me a public beta will not be released unless 1 of twothings happen:

<InfeB0RG> 1: he gets garfield for gamegear ( he wants it bad )

<DaPlumber> :)

<InfeB0RG> 2: he fixes the background in CT

*** EFX sets mode: +b DeaThSusHi!*@* *** DeaThSusHi was kicked by EFX (EFX)

<InfeB0RG> hey!

<Astos> hehehhehehehhehehhehheheheh

<InfeB0RG> I'm having fun :)

<Astos> garfield for gamegear

<Lagomorph> Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Does anybody know how anything about Tomb Raider?

<Astos> heheheeeeeee

*** Retrieving #emu channel info...

*** Zophar sets mode: -b DeaThSusHi!*@*

<DeceiverX> hehe

<Zophar> cmon EFX

*** InfeB0RG sets mode: -b DeaThSusHi!*@*

-> *deathsushi* come back

<<<Damn Bot!>>>

<Zophar> EFX:this is what we do for fun

<Astos> what does having garfield for gamegear have to do with a snes emu

<Lagomorph> Astos: Blackmail

*** DeaThSusHi ( has joined #emu

<DeaThSusHi> whew...thanx guyz :)

<DeaThSusHi> had me worried there for a sec :)

<Zophar> so where were we

<Zophar> oh yes

<TaNdRuM> Damned EFX bot...

<Zophar> so u have to send him email

<Lagomorph> (snicker)

<TaNdRuM> it randomly bans ppl..

<TaNdRuM> bad scripting...

<DeaThSusHi> so what do I have to do to get zopharsnes anyhow?

-EFX- come on guys quit fucking wasting time on the lamer

-InfeB0RG- efx bot that's exactly what I told him LOl !

<<<HEHE lamer>>>>>

<DeaThSusHi> and how come people only use .mid's on there webpages and not .sm3 or .ksm's?

<DeceiverX> Send him $40 dollars unless you want 8 colors

<Lagomorph> Buy me a Beer and I'll tell you.

<Zophar> go to

<DeaThSusHi> mmmm BeEr

<Zophar> send email to

<InfeB0RG> well done updating NAV

<InfeB0RG> so I gotta go...

<Zophar> and ask him to send you a copy

<InfeB0RG> later

<InfeB0RG> l~ *** InfeB0RG has quit IRC ({Place cool quit message here})

-> Ops on #emu: this is hilarious

<DeceiverX> GoTo

<DeceiverX> someone send me e-mail

-Astos- hehe "and how come people only use .mid's on there webpages and not .sm3 or .ksm's?"

*** TaNdRuM changes topic to " is kewl, and CGI is annoying | DNESE 0.1 Beta coming next week"

-> Ops on #emu: i dunno

*** Retrieving #emu channel info...

-Astos- someone log this, this is funny

*** Zophar changes topic to " is kewl, and CGI is annoying | DNESE 0.1 Beta and Zopharsnes 0.000000000001coming next week"

<<<Wow what a alpha>>>>

<DeceiverX> hehe *** Goody has quit IRC (Ping timeout for Goody[1.ppp.kiss.uni-lj. si])

<Astos> Zophar, whats the newist version of the emu <

Zophar> 0.0000000000000 gamma

<Zophar> i know its a lot of 0's

*** TaNdRuM changes topic to " is kewl, and CGI is annoying | DNESE 0.1 Beta coming next week | Zopharsnes 0.000000000001 alpha at the page for Alphatesters"

<DeceiverX> i thought it was the final

<Zophar> oh also

<Astos> hey, dcc me it will you ? ill pay you money later

<DeceiverX> =P

<Zophar> send email to this person


<Zophar> and tell him that u want lots of snes roms

<TaNdRuM> My emu is too lowly to be in the same sentence as Zopharsnes

<Zophar> he'll send em to ya

<DeceiverX> DeathSushi: Email and ask for ChronoTrigger

<DeceiverX> he has it

<DaPlumber> He's holding out on us eh?

<DeaThSusHi> REALLY?


<Zophar> yep!

<DaPlumber> Darn him.

<<<HE HAS CT!!!!>>>

<Zophar> just email him

<Zophar> and ask for it

<DeaThSusHi> really? should I just beg him?

<Zophar> and i he'll sned uit

<DeceiverX> Yes

<Zophar> yeah just beg him

<DeaThSusHi> for free???

<DeceiverX> He has every SNES game

<Lagomorph> Sushi: For Free.

<DeaThSusHi> really? every snes game? that must have taken some time...

<DeceiverX> just email him

<Zophar> yep

<Zophar> just email him

<DeceiverX> he is awesome

<DeceiverX> yes

<DaPlumber> That bastard! He's really been holding out on me. :( I wonder what I did to peeve him off.

<DeceiverX> He d/led them all

<DeaThSusHi> yah he sounds pretty cool...what was the address again?

<DeceiverX> He has no life hehe

<DeaThSusHi> d/led them from where?


<DeceiverX> Email him at

<Zophar> and email at

<<<heheh The_Bitch>>>>>

<Zophar> err

<Zophar> thebrain

<DeceiverX> he is da bomb

<Zophar> ignore the _

<DeaThSusHi> okay...should I tell him that there some lamer ops on #emu that thought it would be fun to make fun of me? And that they think there cool by trying to fuck with me? or should I leave that part out?


<DeaThSusHi> fuck you guys are lame...


<DeceiverX> from elite sites

<DeaThSusHi> get a life

*** DeaThSusHi ( has left #emu


<DaPlumber> Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

<Lagomorph> Uh... What happened?

<EFX> hhhahahahahhahaa

<Zophar> ooooooh

<EFX> hhhahahahahhahaa

<EFX> hhhahahahahhahaa

<EFX> hhhahahahahhahaa

<Zophar> NOW we can ban him


<DeceiverX> He is my best friend in real life

<Zophar> lemme guess

<TaNdRuM> EFX told....

<Zophar> EFX set that up

<Zophar> yeah i thought so

<DeceiverX> haha

<DeceiverX> Yeah We suck

<<<DAMN YOU EFX!!!>>>

<Zophar> damn u EFX :(

<Zophar> whyd u do that

<DeceiverX> hehehe

<DeceiverX> fucking bizzatch

<Lagomorph> is my worst enemy in real life

<EFX> hahhah

<EFX> it was funny when he put it back on you!

<TaNdRuM> hehe

<TaNdRuM> you got burned...

<DeceiverX> =P

<DeceiverX> hehe...


Damn we got burned in the end!!!