The Emulation Dream

The Emulation Dream by Zophar

This is a short, but to the point, piece i wrote, describing my dream of the Emulation Scene.
The Emulation Dream

Heed these words, for this is the truth I speak and it lies in my heart.

I haven't elsewhere to turn, but this page of my thoughts that, even though through time I may be forgotten, my words will live on.

It isn't about stealing software because you don't have the ability of getting it through legal means.

Nor about creating the best emulator the quickest and charging the most money for it.

Neither is it to be defined as an 'underground scene' where people turn to for free handouts.

I hear the evil echos...of 'rom begging'... complaining...

But I have an epiphany...The Emulation Dream.

This is my dream, hear me out and you shall enter my world...

I see a world where people, young and old alike, relive days gone by when video games first entered my world.

Where people work together to help each other realize this dream, the dream I have and others share, where the emulation world and its Nostalgic value exsists for one reason:


In the days we are in, where Technology is advanced, and we have games that 5 years ago would have required more money than anyone could afford, and yet we ask ourselves, have we REALLY advanced?

Mine is a world where we all strive to bring back those days, not a world where you exploit this dream of mine, of ours, to make money, not a world where you seek free handouts like a welfare line, nor a pirate's haven, nor a hacker's shelter.

This is the Emulation Dream. It's not about 'releasing the most roms' and it is not about 'making the best emulator the fastest and making money off of it'. It is about that one single solitary thing that many modern games lack.


And for all of the emulation 'scene' not to beg for these game images that most of us treasure for its wonderous gaming value would be a new day and age in the world of emulation.

Maybe some of us shall move on, maybe life will change, but this world, this dream of mine will not expire with me.

Or With us.

It will go on, it will continue to grow, this isn't my world anymore, this is OUR world.

And may it always remain as such.

Emulation Forever.

Zophar (
May 31, 1997

The text version is also available.