A little chat about f00dsnes

<Dee> grimsnes source? what about gritsnes?

<grit9000> Whats that supposed to mean?

<Vermillion> tea? I prefer the blood of the non-believers

<grit9000> f00dsnes?

<Dee> yaya

*** Astos is now known as Hanson

<Dee> give me access to your hardrive, and I will steal it

<Vermillion> f00dsn3s was the greatest

<Hanson> dont make me have to woop your ass

<grit9000> I have the source#@!$

*** Hanson is now known as Astos

* Dee looks around grit's hardrive for f00dsnes source

<grit9000> I'll release it with the next f00dsnes release

<Dee> hehe

<grit9000> the next ver will run PUNCH OUT

<Dee> hehe

<Astos> hehehe

<Dee> the first one did

* SkullCrusher is away: Auto-away after 10 minutes. [11:47am CST]

<BludClot> grit - Make a new ver! ;)

<grit9000> so does this one$#@^

<grit9000> I can't, Infe made it and I hate him

<Dee> Infe made it?

<Vermillion> grit: the next ver will have N64 support, right?

<grit9000> yep

<Dee> Punch Out 64, not released

<grit9000> it will run N64 CD's like a charm