I'm Astos!

*** grit9000 sets mode: +o Astos

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<RydiaX> uh

<Astos> hi

<RydiaX> the person

<RydiaX> hello?RainKing?

<_Blades_> AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* AmonRa sticks his tongue out at blades

* _Blades_ is listenin to Blues Travelers

* _Blades_ takes Amon's tounge

* _Blades_ pockets it

* AmonRa sits in a corner looking smug :P

* Astos eats it

* _Blades_ pulls out his briefcase and shows everyone his tounge colection

* Astos kicks _Blades_ and steals his tounges

* Astos throws the tounges off a boat in the middle of the ocean

* _Blades_ scubadives

* _Blades_ gets them back and hugs them

<Astos> are you sure thats your tounges?

<AmonRa> >:D * RydiaX keeps her mouth closed very tightly

<RydiaX> tongue

<RydiaX> BTW

<_Blades_> hehe hi rydia

<RydiaX> hi

<Astos> bleh, i can misspell if i want to

* RydiaX closes her mouth quickly

<Astos> becouse im Astos

* SkullCrusher is away: Auto-away after 10 minutes. [11:47am CST]

<RydiaX> hehe

<_Blades_> hehe

<RydiaX> ok, if you say so

<Astos> well i am

<_Blades_> err

<_Blades_> yea

<_Blades_> no ur not

<_Blades_> Im astos!

<_Blades_> =)

* AmonRa smirks at rydix

<AmonRa> rydiax

<AmonRa> even

<Astos> better watch it boy

<Astos> i am the only Astos