Lagomorph's Coffee Trip

Session Start: Tue Oct 21 19:54:15 1997

*** Now talking in #emu

#emu topic is I feel fcuksnin goo man hege

#emu topic set by Lagomorph on Wed Oct 22 00:49:36

<Lagomorph> thats cool man

<Lagomorph> I lov you

<Z-Bot> [Astos] Only I say damnit! The rest of you say dammit!

*** Z-Bot sets mode: +o Astos

<Astos> hi

<grit9000> Won't you be, my lemur?

<Astos> nope

<Astos> hehe, panty holes

<Lagomorph> PANTIES1

<Lagomorph> geeyah

<Lagomorph> this is cool

<|[G]|> i lov u too..heeee

<Lagomorph> I feel fucking good

<Lagomorph> I love all

<Lagomorph> yeah

<Lagomorph> wheee

<Lagomorph> iparty://

<Lagomorph> now

<Lagomorph> iparty://

<Lagomorph> now

<Lagomorph> iparty://

<Lagomorph> now

*** BludClot ( has joined #emu

<Lagomorph> please?

<Z-Bot> [BludClot] u r pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

<Lagomorph> I love you all

*** Z-Bot sets mode: +o BludClot

<Lagomorph> Hey BC

<Lagomorph> Love you bc man

<BludClot> hey Lago

<Lagomorph> kissy wissy

<BludClot> thanks

<Lagomorph> YEAH

<Lagomorph> too much coffee

<Lagomorph> hahaha

<Lagomorph> iparty://

<Lagomorph> whee

<Lagomorph> let's tgoo tock

<Lagomorph> ruck fuck yeah

<Lagomorph> c'mon let's go


<Lagomorph> shit yah

<Lagomorph> rooo

<Lagomorph> ahahaha

<Lagomorph> I'm a little okay now

<Lagomorph> hehe

<Lagomorph> yeah

<Lagomorph> I love you all

<Lagomorph> don't forget that

<Lagomorph> woop

<Lagomorph> deedeelaalaa

<Lagomorph> whataa?

<Lagomorph> why is it quiet?

<Lagomorph> shit

<Lagomorph> Did I kill you?

<Lagomorph> sory

*** Lagomorph was kicked by BludClot (The jerk store called, they're running out of you)

*** Lagomorph ( has joined #emu

*** Z-Bot sets mode: +o Lagomorph

<Lagomorph> thanks

<grit9000> he killed me

<Lagomorph> lalala

<grit9000> See? did it again

<Lagomorph> ???

<Lagomorph> :(

<Lagomorph> I'm sorry

<grit9000> stop the hate$@#^#

<Lagomorph> it's the coffee talking

<Lagomorph> and It's talking faset

<Lagomorph> heheh

<Lagomorph> gege

<Lagomorph> woop

<Lagomorph> lalala

<Lagomorph> gehee

<Lagomorph> sorry

<Lagomorph> shut up me now

<grit9000> shit jerome lying in a pool of his own blood put yo gats on safety oh jerome

<Lagomorph> bompbmobmp

<Lagomorph> yeye

<Lagomorph> fuck iparty

<Lagomorph> I'm ogin in the cafe

<Astos> I got rid of iparty today, I dont like it anymore

*** [Lagomorph] ( has joined #emu

<Z-Bot> [[Lagomorph]] Woof

*** Z-Bot sets mode: +o [Lagomorph]

<Astos> hey Lago

<[Lagomorph]> hey man

<[Lagomorph]> luve you

<[Lagomorph]> smooch

<[Lagomorph]> kissy kissy

<valis> BACK!

<[Lagomorph]> FRONT!

* valis is back from the dead. Gone 2 hrs 58 min 21 secs

<[Lagomorph]> SIDE TO SIDE BABY!

*** Lagomorph has quit IRC (Ping timeout for Lagomorph[])

<Astos> what the hell is wrong with you!

<Astos> damn!

*** [Lagomorph] is now known as Lagomorph

<Lagomorph> NOTHIGN!

<Lagomorph> Hehe

<valis> fucking lago flood

<Lagomorph> I'm in cafe

*** Entomorph ( has joined #emu

<Astos> your all "I'm gonna leave!" now your "hahaha lol lol hehehehehehe"

<Entomorph> hey

<Lagomorph> !?!!?

<Z-Bot> [Entomorph] My mask is my demon, your god is my hate...

<Lagomorph> I am not flooding

<valis> yo grits, did I miss anything juicy?

<Lagomorph> I'm jhust typing real fast is all

<Lagomorph> heheh

<Lagomorph> shit yah

<grit9000> nope

<Lagomorph> hey enot

<Lagomorph> I'm hyped on coffeehehehe

<Lagomorph> guys tell ento what's wrong weih me

<Lagomorph> hheh

<Entomorph> MY NAME ISNT ENOT~

<Entomorph> !@#!

<Entomorph> hehe

<Lagomorph> sorry

<Lagomorph> I love you anyways man

<Entomorph> ok loga

* valis just bought Cherry poopin dadies, Zoot suit riot, stereloab: dots and loops, and DEATH TO THE PIXIES! whoohoo!

<Lagomorph> cool

<Lagomorph> cherry cherry cola

<Lagomorph> woop

<Lagomorph> hehe

*** Retrieving #emu channel info...

*** Astos changes topic to "Lago feels good! coffeee!"

<Lagomorph> :)))))


*** grit9000 changes topic to "Lago mates in the liver."

*** Retrieving #emu channel info...

*** Astos changes topic to "Lago mates in the liver. then drinks coffeee!"

<Lagomorph> :)

<Lagomorph> yah

<Lagomorph> shit geeyh

*** valis sets mode: -o+b Lagomorph *!*nihilist@*

*** Lagomorph was kicked by valis (Bitch-X BaBy!)

*** Z-Bot sets mode: -b *!*nihilist@*

<valis> heh

<valis> SHUDDUP

<Entomorph> Is lago doing drugs?

*** grit9000 changes topic to "Lago has a mouth but no anus."

*** Retrieving #emu channel info...

*** Lagomorph ( has joined #emu

*** Astos changes topic to "Lago has a mouth but no anus. but he has coffee!!!!"

<Lagomorph> sorry

<Lagomorph> I'll shut up

<Lagomorph> :)

*** Z-Bot sets mode: +o Lagomorph

<Lagomorph> don't need to shit hehe

<grit9000> stick the MAN

<Astos> hey everyone I'm Lago!

<Lagomorph> YEAH!

<Lagomorph> cool

<Astos> im happy!

<Lagomorph> I'm asstoas

<Lagomorph> I'm cool

<Astos> whoo hooo

<Astos> drink soda and coffee

<Entomorph> Asstoast... hehehe

<Astos> whooooooooooooooooo

<Astos> type fast

<Astos> 80wpm

<Entomorph> ?

<Lagomorph> 80wpm babty

<Lagomorph> hehe yah

*** BludClot has quit IRC (Bye CapnAhab)

<Lagomorph> lot of errosk

<Astos> hell yeah

<Lagomorph> er errors

<Entomorph> 90wpb (Words per belch)

<grit9000> diablo calls

<Astos> Lago, go for 100wpm!

<grit9000> bbl

<Astos> whooooo!

<grit9000> i can type 120 so there$@%

<Lagomorph> 10110100129102391

<Lagomorph> wdihsfidhfs-

*** grit9000 has quit IRC (syntax: i'm rooled)

<Lagomorph> yeah

<Lagomorph> if0-dsfgusgfs09gufsg0osfhiosdiy

<Lagomorph> there

*** Loaded has quit IRC (tata)

<Entomorph> I can type 200 words per minute.. wanna see?

<Entomorph> 200 Words per minute

<Entomorph> there

<Entomorph> =)

<Lagomorph> hehe rock on

<Lagomorph> kick azz

<Lagomorph> love

<Lagomorph> peave

<Lagomorph> war

<Lagomorph> hatred

<Lagomorph> VIOLENCE!

<Lagomorph> ROCK ROCK ROCK!

<Lagomorph> yahaha

<Lagomorph> hehe

*** WarpedGambit ( has joined #emu

<WarpedGambit> yeah the psx is getting the rocky horror piture show

<Lagomorph> no

<Lagomorph> Rocky sucks

<Lagomorph> ehhe

<WarpedGambit> is z-bot anony?

<valis> no

<valis> its sparkles bot

<valis> anon is d34d

<WarpedGambit> ahh

<WarpedGambit> yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


<Astos> did Slimy kill him?

<Lagomorph> I need to jog a bit old on

<Lagomorph> hold on

<Lagomorph> heeh

* RXX drinks wine!

* Entomorph smokes some crack

<Lagomorph> crack

<Lagomorph> CRACKMAN!

<Lagomorph> yaaaahhhaha!

<Lagomorph> woope

<Lagomorph> zoopidlallabing!

<WarpedGambit> crack is one of the things i won't do

<Lagomorph> drugs suck

<Lagomorph> coffee kiskc ass

<RXX> yup

<|[G]|> cracks good for you

<RXX> alcohol

<RXX> Coffe + vodka

<Lagomorph> wowowowowowow

<Lagomorph> lalalalala

<WarpedGambit> i won't do acid either well not again

<Astos> crack is for crackheads

<WarpedGambit> acid sucks

<WarpedGambit> acid makes you crazy

*** CapnAhab has quit IRC (Ping timeout for CapnAhab[])

<Entomorph> acid is fun

<|[G]|> smoke sum "ti-cow"


<WarpedGambit> i don't like seeing shit that ain't there

<Lagomorph> joejf0ut038reh


<Lagomorph> lalala

<Lagomorph> lqwlw

<Astos> http://lago.and.his.coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee/!/

<Lagomorph> BOLD CHEER TIDE!

*** Thermopyle ( has joined #emu

<Lagomorph> yahahahaha

<valis> yay. none of the angry sXE peops are here! lets roast a bowl!

<Thermopyle> hey pepple

<Lagomorph> sux to me be

<Lagomorph> er xuxs rot b2

<Lagomorph> dammit

<WarpedGambit> straight edgers suck

<Lagomorph> sux 2 be me

<Lagomorph> hehe

<Lagomorph> yah

<Lagomorph> that's it

<RaiNKiNG> Lux 2 b me

<WarpedGambit> pot is good

<valis> l

<Thermopyle> wat lago was revived after his incident with the rake? ;)

<Lagomorph> :)

<Lagomorph> Yeyeyheeheh

<Lagomorph> coffee!

<Lagomorph> woopeopeoepoe

<Lagomorph> lalala

<Lagomorph> hehehe

<Lagomorph> iparty://

<Lagomorph> go now

<Lagomorph> nownownownownow

<valis> Lagomorph: SHUTUP!

<Thermopyle> don't have iparty...

*** ShawnM (Poinko@ has joined #emu

<Astos> hi Shawn

<ShawnM> hi

<Lagomorph> hehe

<Lagomorph> hey shawn

<Lagomorph> whatys up man?

<Astos> here he goes

<Lagomorph> geeyah

<Lagomorph> hehe

<Lagomorph> woop

<Lagomorph> lalala

<ShawnM> heh heh

<Lagomorph> deja vu

<Lagomorph> woah

<Lagomorph> hehe

*** AmonRa ( has joined #emu

<Lagomorph> YEAH!

<Lagomorph> DEJA VU DEJA VU!


<Astos> that game sucks

<Astos> hard

<Lagomorph> DEJA VU!

<Lagomorph> woah

<Lagomorph> cool

<Lagomorph> my mind is fxiux0red

<Thermopyle> hey shawn

<Thermopyle> wellcome to the lagolution ;)

<Lagomorph> COFFEE!

<Lagomorph> sleep dep!

<AmonRa> O.o

<Lagomorph> rock


<Lagomorph> iparty://

<Lagomorph> now

<Lagomorph> nownownownow

<Lagomorph> hehe

<Lagomorph> yah

<Lagomorph> sorry

<Lagomorph> I'll shut up now

<Lagomorph> hehe

<Lagomorph> yah

<Lagomorph> WOOP!

<Lagomorph> lalala

<Lagomorph> sorry

<Lagomorph> shut up now hehe

There is alot more, but I cut off right here, just senseless babble :)