Thoughts from Zophar

Who are you?

Now, I'm sure most of you are saying to yourselves, 'Yeah, I've seen Zophar's Domain, and yeah, I visit it every day, but just who IS Zophar, what makes him tick?'

Let me introduce myself. Behind this epitimy of evil who is known on the internet as 'Zophar', lies a person not very much different than his pseudonym that is used on the internet. My thoughts are usually dark and disturbing, and not many people know the real 17 year old teenager, shrouded in darkness.

My actual name is Brad Levicoff. I am in 12th grade at a High School located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am jewish, and used to attend my synogauge every Shabbat (Saturday). However, my religious affiliations now are indifferent, as I now question the basic principles my religion, in fact, many religions, teach. But I'll get into that later. After a tiring day of school, I like to come home, kick back, relax... but what do i do after I am done relaxing? Videogames are a favorite leisure activity of mine, and I especially enjoy Role Playing Games (RPG's). Among my favorites are Lunar:The Silver Star and Lunar2:Eternal Blue. In Lunar2, the Arch Feind is none other than Zophar, Lord of Darkness. Hence, my internet name, which bascially describes my true personality, was adapted.

Game consoles I own include: my faithful Atari2600, which I received in 1985, was my first introduction to the video gaming world. My NES was purchased in 1988, my Sega Genesis in 1991, and my Sega CD in 1992. I also purchased a Sega Game Gear in 1993, a SNES in 1994, a Saturn in 1996, and an N64 in 1997. My favorite system used to be my NES, but with all the great rpg's coming out on the Sega Saturn, I have to choose that as my favorite.

You may wonder why I choose not to own a Sony Playstation. Well, the fact of the matter is, I think Sony products are among the cheapest (and I mean 'cheap' in the sense such as flimsy, flawed, not quality.) pieces of crud you can buy. My friend's Sony TV, after 6 years, no longer outputs _any_ sound through the TV. My VCR is only 3 years old and already its eating up all my tapes. The early models of the PSX that i've seen at my friends houses, get hot very easily, where the laser actually starts skipping after a period of time, causing the games to not function properly. Also, many of the games for PSX are lame rehashes of old games. Games like Tekken and other such VF clones do not spark my interest. FF7 with its technology does not amaze me either. I want _quality_, not 3d polygon clones or pieces of junk. The quality of the games on the Saturn compared to their not-so-hot games FAR outweighs that of the Playstation, with games such as Albert Odyssey, Dragon Force, Shining the Holy Ark, Bug!, Panzer Dragoon and so many more!

What else do I do? I log on to the internet often, and I maintain 2 webpages, Zophar's Domain, for emulator related files and a wealth of information. I take much pride in this site, which was founded September 9, 1996. Ironically, the other site is Zophar's Inner Sanctum , which was founded on September 9, 1997. This site deals with non-emulator related things.

What do you do for a living?

Well, currently I work as a busboy at a local pizza resturaunt in Northeast Philadelphia. It's not the greatest pay in the world, but then again, I live with my parents, since I'm 17, and thus I don't need as much money as other people who live by themselves would need. I work Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5-9pm. I go to school Monday's through Friday's, from 7:40am to 2:15pm. As you can see, I don't have so much free time, so my pages are not updated as much as I'd like them to be. But, que sera sera, right?.