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-- Nintendo 64 --

Here you can find cheats for any Nintendo 64 game that starts with the letter anywhere through A & F. Please note that not all of these cheats or codes have not been personally tested by me, or the Patent Pending staff.


»»» A « «« «««


»»» A Bug's Life « «« «««

  • Extra Lives - Go to training mode and spell the word FLIK to gain a life. Repeat as desired. When you have enough lives, exit training mode but don't save. Instead, start a new game.
  • Level Select - To get the Level Select, go to the main screen. Go to the ant hill and hold Z and all the C buttons and press R. There will be an arrow pointing right at the bottom of the screen.
»»» Aero Gauge « «« «««

  • All Tracks and Vehicles - You need 2 controllers for this code.
    1. Turn on the game and press Start on the contoller 1 until you see the screen that says "Push Start" (if you see "Grand Prix Mode", you're too far.)
    2. On controller 2, press Up on the D-pad, C-down, R, L, and Z all at the same time. Then release them.
    3. Immediately press Start or the A button on controller 1 to enter the Grand Prix mode.
    4. Note:If you can't get this trick to work, do step 2 a couple of times. (Press all the buttons a few times.)
  • Boost in Mid-Level - While you are drifting, hold Z+A at the same time then let go.
  • Change Vehicle Color - To change the color of your vehicle, tap R while highlighting the desired car.
  • Recovery in Bikini Beach - Near the end of the course you will see a waterfall. Look closely at the waterfall and you will see a red light. Fly into the waterfall and you will be in a recovery tube.
  • Speed Up The Credits - While the credits are rolling at the end of a Grand Prix, press the Start button to speed it up. To slow it down, press the Start button again.
  • Turbo Boost - At the starting line, hold A and B. When the announcer says, "Go" release B but keep holding A. Good luck!
»»» AeroFighters Assult « «« «««

  • Alternate Paintjob - To choose your alternate paintjob in Main Game, Practice or Boss Attack mode, press the R button at the plane select screen. To select the alternate color in Death Match, hold the R button while selecting one of the four original planes.
  • Bonus Level - To get to the secret level, you must complete EVERY level, including the bonus levels. When you beat the Ice Cave with all other levels complete, you go to a new level -- The Moon. You will have no wingman support though.
  • Bonus Plane - At the "PRESS START" screen, press C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down.
  • Extra Planes in Battle Mode - To earn six new jets, beat the first two stages to earn the MIG 25 and MIG 31, complete the third and fourth stages to earn the F-22 and KFR C2, and finish the game to earn the EFA and RAFALE. Good luck!
  • Lady Pilot In F-15 - Enter this code at the title screen: C-Left, Down, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down.
  • Tomahawk Trick - Choose the F-14 then start a new game. While flying, use your special, missile and chaff in that order. If you did it right you'll launch five Tomahawks and four heat-seeking explosives.

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