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Ogre Battle

By: Akki
Last updated: Sunday, 20-Jun-1999

Kickin' Units::

These are some of the best units I've found for one particular purpose or another.
The units listed in parenthesis ( ) are alternate choices, but the first unit listed is most desireable.

Best Sky:
  Cockatris (Gryphon)
Wraith (Phantom) Monk (Shaman,Cleric)
  Phantom (Ghost)

This is the best combination of cost effectiveness and power in a treasure unit. Advanced (heh) players use units like these to skirt opposing units while liberating enemy cites and collecting hidden treasure while your other units fight on the main front.

Best Grunt:
  Mage (Wizard, Ghost)
Wraith (Skeleton)  
  Monk (Shaman, Cleric)
Wraith (Skeleton)  
  Mage (Wizard, Ghost)

This unit is the best combination of cost-effectiveness and power in a grunt unit. "Grunt" units are used to hold cites after they have been liberated, and take on some of the weaker units in the field. This unit is also nice for getting the experience of Wizards and Clerics up so that they can change into more powerfull forms.

Best Main:
Wraith [with White Sword]  
Wraith [with White Sword]  

No alternates are provided for this unit because it is supposed to be the most powerfull. It IS important to give the Wraiths white magic weapons so they can easily take out opposing undead units. The greatest number of this unit I was ever able to construct in one game was three. The Princess gives every unit an extra attack [incluing herself] for a total of: 6 area-effect magic attacks, 6 physical attacks, and 2 all heals. This unit will kill nearly every enemy unit in the first round of combat.

Best Water:
  Nixie (Mermaid)
Kraken (Octopus) Nixie (Mermaid)
  Nixie (Mermaid)

This seems to be the most effective water unit, allthough I rarely use one unless I'm just having fun.

This guide is of Akki, and may not be redistributed without explicit permission.

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