Done by Entrax.

Find the Chaos Emeralds!

Miles "Tails" Prower, the fox, can't sit still when Sonic's around. Ever since Miles was a baby fox, he's dreamed of being like Sonic. He loves to run after Sonic, waving his 2 tails behind him, trying to keep up with his hero!

Mostly, Sonic lets him trail along. But sometimes, just to show off, Sonic explodes in a burst of super speed and leaves him behind. But Miles doesn't give up. He whirls his tails like a helicopter rotor and takes off flying until he catches up!

All the animals call Miles by his nickname, "Tails," because of his 2 special tails. And one day they saw an astonishing feat...


They were all together in the forest, watching Sonic perform. Sonic would run, spin and jump in his Super Spin Attack. Then "Tails" would whirl like a turbo engine and blast off his Super Dash Attack. What a show-off!

Suddenly, "Tails" just couldn't help himself. He took a running start, curled up his tails, and - whoosh - he was spinning like Sonic!

But now something frightening is happening. Sonic's friends are disappearing. In their place, nasty metal robots are popping up all over the island. The mad scientist Dr. Robotnik is at it again!

This time, Robotnik's planning a global disaster. He needs workers to create a doomsday machine that can take over the world. So he's trapping all the animals, turning them into robots, and forcing them to build his ultimate weapon, the Death Egg!


Robotnik now rules the factories, refineries and cities! He's grabbed control of everything - except the 7 Chaos Emeralds. These magnificent gems are believed to hold exceptional powers. With them, Robotnik could have the entire world in his grasp. And he'd never let go!

The Chaos Emeralds are buried somewhere on the island. Only one tough dude with spiky hair has the speed to find them first!

Help Sonic stop the devious scheme of the demented scientist! Spin like a speedball through space. Grab Power Sneakers and loop 'til you're dizzy. Twirl over twisting speedways and rocket through tunnels. Balance and blast across a bubbling ocean of oil!

Find the Emeralds, free the animals, and squash Robotnik forever!




* Chooses a 1 Player game, a 2 Player VS competition or Options from the Title screen.

* In 2 Player VS competition, highlights a box on the Zone screen.

* On the Options screen, chooses an option and changes its setting.

* Moves Sonic or "Tails" left and right. Hold the button LEFT or RIGHT to speed up. Press DOWN to spin while moving.


Start Button:

* Starts a 1 Player game.

* With 2 Player VS highlighted, goes to the Zone screen, Press again to start the game.

* With Options highlighted, goes to the Options screen. Press again to start the game.

* Pauses a game, and resumes a paused game.

Button A, B or C:

* On the Options screen, Button A changes a Sound Test setting, and Button B or C plays it.

* Makes Sonic or "Tails" perform a spin jump.



Super Spin Attack!

* Press the D-Button DOWN while moving to spin like wildfire and bump off enemies.

* Press Button A, B or C to jump while spinning and knock off badniks from below or bounce on them from above.

Super Dash Attack!

* Hold still, press the D-Button DOWN, and press Button A, B or C to rev up like a turbo engine.

* Keep pressing Button A, B or C repeatedly to rev up faster!

* Release the D-Button to dash off in a blaze of speed!


Super Twist!

* In Metropolis Zone, hold the D-Button RIGHT or LEFT to twist the metal nut up or down the screw.

Pinball Attack!

* In Casino Night Zone, press Button A, B or C to push down a spring. Press longer for more power.

* Release the button to spring away like a pinball!

* In the same Zone, press Button A, B or C to flip the levers.


Getting Started

Choose a game on the Title screen.

* Press Start for a 1 Player game. Sonic and "Tails" will blast through 10 zones, grabbing rings and battling enemies. In this mode, Player 1 moves Sonic with Control Pad 1, and Player 2 can move "Tails" with Control Pad 2.

* Press the D-Button DOWN once and press Start for a 2 Player VS competition. You and a friend race through 3 Zones on a split screen, and 1 Special Stage, to see who can win in the most categories. Player 1 moves Sonic through the  Zone on the top half of the screen. Player 2 moves "Tails" through the same Zone on the bottom half .


The Options Screen

On the Title screen, press the D-Button DOWN twice to see Options. Then press Start to go to the Options screen. Press the D-Button UP or DOWN to highlight an option box, and press it LEFT or RIGHT to change the settings.

Option 1:

You can choose Sonic and "Tails," Sonic above or "Tails" alone. When you press Start with this option box highlighted, you'll begin a 1 Player game. If you choose Sonic and "Tails," a second player can control "Tails" with Control Pad 2.


Option 2:

Choose All kinds of items, or the Teleporter item only, to be in the monitors in 2 Player VS games. When you press Start with this option box highlighted, you'll begin a 2 Player VS competition.

Option 3:

Listen to the game's music and sound effects. Press Button A for more settings (after pressing the D-Button LEFT or RIGHT). Press Button B or C to hear your selection. When you press Start with this option box highlighted, you'll return to the SEGA screen.

Race For The Rings!

1) Score
2) Timer
3) Rings
4) Lives


1) Increase your Score by freeing your friends from their robot forms. Use the Super Spin Attack whenever you can to bash into enemies.

2) You can take up to 10 minutes on the Timer to complete the Act. If you go over the time limit, you'll lose 1 life.

3) Enemies can't destroy you when you have Rings. "Tails" collects Rings, too, that are added to your total. You'll lose Rings if you get attacked or run into an enemy. The counter starts flashing when the number reaches zero. Then if you touch a badnik, you'll lose 1 Life (unless you're doing the Super Spin Attack). Keep grabbing Rings! You'll be protected as long as you have at least 1 Ring.

4) You start each game with 3 Lives to complete the Zones.


Super Items

Spin, bash or bounce to break open monitors - any way you can - to get the Super items inside.

1) Power Sneakers make you run like the wind!

2) Super Rings give you 10 Rings at once!

3) One-Ups give you 1 more Life. (You can also earn an extra Life when you collect 100 Rings and 200 Rings.)

4) An Invincible protects you from attacking enemies, but only for a short time.

4) Each Shield protects you from damage 1 time only.


Star Posts

When you pass a Star Post, the Star wig - wags to save your position. Then, if you lose a Life, you'll start again at the last Star Post you touched, instead of at the beginning of the Act. (You'll also keep your previous time, but not your previous rings).

Touch a Star Post when you have 50 Rings (or more), and you'll see a Star Circle spinning around the Star Post. If you jump into the Star Circle, you will go to the Special Stage.

Once you've been to the Special Stage, you can't get there again from the same Star Post. You'll have to collect 50 more Rings and touch another post.



At the end of every Zone, Dr. Robotnik attacks in a fantastic robot machine. Defeat him and free some of your friends from their Prison Egg!


Speed through this tropical bayside resort with palm trees, loop - de - loops and corkscrew speedways. Watch out for monkey - business!

* Dr. Robotnik
* Buzzer
* Masher
* Coconuts



Flash through a high - tech maze built with pipes and ducts. Robotnik's flooded the factory with a pool of toxic liquid called "Mega Mack" that poisons Sonic in a few moments!

* Grabber
* Spiny


Roaming Romans infest a beautiful forest and sunken lake. Explore an intricate maze. If you're underwater, breathe the air bubbles to keep from drowning. A countdown begins when your oxygen's running out!

* Whisp
* Grounder
* Chop Chop



Sparkling neon lights and glittering gold fill the Casino with razzmatazz! Play the machines with Button A, B or C. Flip the levers and push down the springs to send Sonic reeling like a bouncing blue pinball!

* Crawl


Lava boils from volcanoes and earthquakes shake the ground! Spring for the Rings on teeter - totters and blast through underground tunnels and caverns.

* Rexon
* Spiker



Robotnik's been digging for Chaos Emeralds in his eerie forest of flickering lights, glow - worms and stinging centipedes. Hang on to the ivy to discover escape routes.

* Flasher
* Crawlton


Robotnik's refineries are pumping at full steam. Crude oil has turned the ocean black! Can Sonic keep his footing on the slippery catwalks and bursting steam vents?

* Octus
* Aquis



Sonic's finally chased Robotnik to his own capital city. But he finds a fortress of iron and steel. Danger lurks in every spinning cylinder, pounding piston and rolling gear. Hold the D-Button RIGHT or LEFT to wind the nut up and down the screws.

* Asteron
* Slicer
* Shellcraker


Robotnik has escaped to the Sky! Sonic's a wing - walker (and "Tails" is his pilot!) in a perilous battle above the clouds!

* Turtloids
* Nebula
* Balkiry



You've found Robotnik's secret stronghold - a flying battleship. Could this be Sonic's final fight?

* Clucker

Special Stage

If you have 50 Rings when you touch a Star Post, you'll see a Star Circle spinning around the Star Post. If you jump into the Star Circle, you'll go to the Special Stage. this is your chance to collect a Chaos Emerald!


* Watch the screen to see how many rings you need to get.

* Speed around the chute, picking up as many Rings as you can. Sidestep the Bombs or jump over them to stay in the race.

* If you get the required number of Rings at each checkpoint, you can continue. Otherwise,  the Stage ends.

* If you finish the Stage, you'll be rewarded with a magnificent Chaos Emerald.

* When the Special Stage ends, you return to the Star Post in your original Zone, and you can resume the game.


Game Over

Sonic's quest ends when you squash Dr. Robotnik for good! The game also ends any time you lose all your Lives. You start each game with 3 Lives, and you can find extra Lives in the monitors. You also get a bonus Life when you gain 100 Rings and 200 Rings.


You'll get a Continue every time you score 100.000 points. Then, when you lose your last Life, the Continue screen will appear. Press Start before the timer reaches 0 to resume the game from the point where it ended.



Your score is added up at the end of each Act.

* Every robot enemy you smash is worth 100 points.

* Defeating Robotnik earns you 1000 points.

* The Time Bonus rewards you for speed. The faster you clear the Act, the higher this score will be.

* The Ring Bonus rewards you for the number of Rings you have when the Act ends.

2 Player VS Competitive

With 2 players, Sonic and "Tails" can race to win in the most categories in the all - new, fun and surprising 2 Player VS Competition. In this game, Sonic and "Tails" compete to gather the most score points, Rings and Super items, and to clear each Act in the fastest time.


The game has 3 regular Zones (with 2 Act each), and a Special Stage where Sonic and "Tails" race for the Rings.


1) Press the D-Button DOWN on the Title screen to choose "2 Player VS." Then press Start.

2) Use the D-button to select 1 of the 3 Zones or the Special Stage on the next screen.

3) Press Start to begin. Good luck!


* Sonic and "Tails" race through the same Zone on a split screen. Sonic (Player 1) uses the top half, and "Tails" (Player 2) is on the bottom.


* Use all the same button controls and moves as for 1 Player games. Reach for the Rings!

* Break open the monitors for Super Items. You won't know what an item is until it pops out (unless you chose "Teleportation Only" on the Options screen.)

* The Teleporter item is new! find it, and Sonic and "Tails" will switch places in the Zone. Whoever is behind will now be ahead!

* The face you see on a One - Up item shows who gets it. For example, "Tails" can find a One - Up for Sonic, and Sonic will get the extra Life.

* When 1 player finishes, a countdown starts, and the other player must try to finish within 60 seconds.



You'll be scored in 5 categories. The player who wins 3 or more categories wins the race!

Here's how to win:

* Rack up a high Score by smashing enemies.

* Clear the Zone in the fastest Time.

* Finish the race with the most Rings.

* Grab the highest number of Total Rings during the race.

* Open the most Item Boxes.



* See who can grab the most Rings while running through the chute.

* Each race has 3 stages ( and 3 checkpoints) for you to score in.

* Watch out for Bombs! Run around them or jump to avoid them.

* The player with the most Rings wins!


Sonic's Super Hints

* Grab every Ring you can!

* When you lose Rings, rush to grab them again (as long as it's safe!).

* Watch enemies to see how they move. Once you know what they do, you'll have a better chance of fighting or dodging them.

* Look for ways to get to impossible places. Jump on levers, hang from vines and use Sonic's Super Spin Attack to discover hidden routes and secret paths.

* Collect 50 Rings (or more) so you can get to the Special Stage when you pass a Star Post.

* In the Special Stage, don't move too fast or you may miss more Rings than you catch!


* In 2 Player VS Competition, concentrate on your own screen (and not your friend's). Even if you get teleported back a ways in the Zone, you can still win by collecting the most Rings and Super Items.

* Bash into lots of enemies for a high score.

* Race through the Acts as fast as you can for a high Time Bonus.

* Collect loads of Rings or a high Ring Bonus.

* You can only fight Robotnik with the Super Spin Attack. Keep Sonic safe by dodging away when Robotnik attacks.

* Free your friends from the Prison Egg by jumping on top of it.