Done by Entrax

The Time It's Personal.

One year had passed since ex-peace officers Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding had broken the Syndicate's hold and destroyed its leader, the mysterious "Mr. X." Peace had returned to the streets, people were moving back into the once-vacant neighborhoods, and the city had returned to prosperity.

On the anniversary of the Syndicate's destruction, Adam, Axel and Blaze met at their favorite night sport to commemorate the occasion and catch up on the latest news. Both Adam and Blaze had moved out of the city, Axel working as a bodyguard, and Blaze teaching dance.


Adam had rejoined the police force, and moved into a small house on the edge of the city with his kid brother. The three celebrated until late in the night, and made plans to meet at the same place next year.

As he was planning to check out of his hotel the next day, Axel received a frantic phone call from Eddie "Skate" Hunter. He had arrived home from school to find the house a total ruin. He'd called the police department, but nobody there had seen or heard from his brother since early that morning.


Both Axel and Blaze rushed to Adam's home. Windows had been shattered, furniture smashed. Stuck on the remains out to reclaim the streets. Gangs roamed the parks, and bomb - wielding bikers made the roads deadly to travel at night. Beatings and lootings took place regularly and in broad daylight. Chaos reigned in the city, far worse than ever before.

Axel and Blaze tried to contact their old friends at the force, the ones who'd once provided backup with heavy artillery. But everyone they knew had been either fired or transferred elsewhere. This time the Syndicate was in complete control, and the two ex-cops were on their own.

Assisted by Adam's brother Skate, and Axel's friend Max, Axel and Blaze set out to rescue their friend and destroy Mr. X one and for all. Standing in their way is the nastiest collection of punks and brawlers ever assembled. Add to that a force of professional fighters specially groomed to take them out of the picture!

As one of the four young vigilantes - or together with a friend - you'll battle with your fists and feet, and attack with whatever weapon you come across, as once more you walk the Streets of Rage!



1) Directional Button (D-Button)

* Press left or right to move your Fighter in those directions.
* Press up to move your Fighter toward the rear of the screen.
* Press down to move your Fighter toward the front of the screen.
* Press to make selections in menu and Options screens.
* Press in conjunction with Buttons A, B, C for certain attack moves.



* Press to start game.
* Press to pause the game, press again to resume play.


* Press for a Special Attack.


* Press to attack.
* Press to pick up items and weapons.
* Press to return to the Game Selection screen from the Duel Player Selection screen.


* Press to jump.
* press to make choices on the Game Over/Continue screen.



Following the Sega logo, you'll see the game introduction followed by the STREET OF RAGE II Title screen and a short demonstration of the game. Press the Start Button until the title screen appears, then press the Start Button again to bring up the Game Selection screen. Choose a 1-player or 2-player game, take on a friend in a Duel, or take a look at the Options. To make your choice, press the D-Button up or down to move the marker in front of the selection you want, and press Button C or the Start Button.

NOTE: You can choose "2-player" or "Duel" only if control Pad 2 is plugged into your Mega Drive system.



Press the D-Button up or down to highlight an option, then press left or right (or press Button B or C) to cycle through the choices.

LEVEL: Choose from "Easy," "Normal," "Hard," and "Hardest."

PLAYERS: Choose from 1 to 5 Fighters per game.

BGM: Select this option to listen to any of the 27 music tracks used in the game. Use the D-Button to cycle, through your choice of tracks, and press Button A to listen to each track.

SE: Here you can listen to any of the sound effects used in the game. Use the D-Button to cycle through your choice of sound effects, and press Button A to listen to each effect.


VOICE: Listen to any off the voices and fighting sounds used in the game. Use the D-Button to cycle through your choice of voices, and press Button A to listen to each voice.

When you are satisfied with the settings, highlight "Exit" and press Button A, B or C. You can exit when any of the options are highlighted by pressing the Start Button.

NOTE: If you don't  make any choices from the Option screen, the Computer will automatically select a Normal game with 3 Fighters.



Here you can choose one of the four fighters you want to take into battle. Each Fighter is rated in five categories: Power, Technique, Speed, Jump and Stamina. The more stars beside each category, the stronger the Fighter is in that particular category.

Player 1 uses the D-Button to move the flashing box with the letters, "1P" in the lower left corner, and Player 2 moves the box where "2P" appears in the lower right corner. The game begins when both players have made their choices by pressing Button C or the Start Button.

NOTE: In the 2-player game, Players 1 and 2 cannot select the same Fighter.



You and a friend can hone your fighting skills by practicing on the most challenging opponents of all: each other! Choose a Fighter and one of the backgrounds from the game, and have at it!

Choose "Duel" from the Game Select screen and press Button C or the Start Button to bring up the Select player screen. Each player chooses the Fighter he or she wants to use by using the D-Button to place the letters "1P" and "2P" over the desired Fighter and pressing Button C or the Start Button.


In the  Duel, both player 1 and Player 2 can select the same kind of Fighter (for example, Blaze vs. Blaze). The two Fighters will appear in different colored clothing.

In the space above the Fighters' categories, the word "Stage" appears. Player 1 selects the round the Fighters will battle in. Cycle through the numbers by pressing the D-Button left or right, and pressing Button C or the Start Button.

Next, choose whether or not you and your partner want your Fighters to use their Special Attacks. The word "Special" replaces the Round number. Player 1 uses the D-Button to turn the Special Attacks on or off, and presses Button C or the Start Button for the battle to begin.


What you see on the DUel screen is :

* Player 1's Score
* Timer
* Player 2's Score
* Player 2's Life Gauge
* Victory
* Player 1's Life Gauge

At the beginning of the duel, Player 1 will be on the left side of the screen, and Player 2 will be on the right side. The kinds of weapons available in the Round chosen will be lying on the ground for either Fighter to pick up and use.


You can also knock a weapon from your opponent's hand and pick it up to use on him or her. Certain outside parties might try to make things a little more interesting for you, but you won't be able to attack them.

You'll have 99 seconds (computer time) to knock out your opponent. If you run out of time, the Fighter with the most energy remaining on his or her Life Gauge will win the duel. If both Fighters fall at the same time, or the time runs out while both Fighters have the same amount of energy on their Life Gauges, the duel will be declared a Draw Match.


Each time a Fighter scores a victory, a star appears under his or her Life Gauge. The contest ends when one Fighter scores two victories. The Select PLayer screen then returns for you and your friend to select new Fighters and a new Round. You can also select the same Fighters and Round if you wish. If you wish to quit the match, press Button B to go back to the Game Selection screen.


Select "2-Player" from the Game Mode screen, and you and a friend can take on the Syndicate's league of sleazoids together. Naturally you'll be competing for the highest score, but you'll get much farther if you work together and provide for each other. Try not to attack each other, or you'll suffer damage from your own side!



A second player can join a battle in progress by plugging a Control Pad into Control Port 2 on the Mega Drive system and pressing the Start Button on his or her control pad. The words "Select Player" will begin flashing in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Player 2 should then select a Fighter by pressing the D-Button left or right until the name and picture of the desired Fighter appears, and pressing Button A, B, C or the Start Button. Player 2's Fighter will drop ,into the fray from the right hand side.



Use the information at the top of the screen to plan your fighting strategies and keep track of your progress.

What appears on the screen is:

* Player 1's Score.
* Time remaining.
* Player 2's Score.
* Player 2's Remaining Fighters.
* Player 2's Life Gauge.
* Player 2's Opponent.
* Player 1's Remaining Fighters.
* Player 1's Opponent.
* Player 1's Life Gauge.


LIFE GAUGE: When the Life Gauge runs out, its owner falls and is defeated. Enemy Life Gauges vary in length. A star above a silver Life Gauge shows an enemy with twice the stamina of the average slimeball - when the Silver Gauge runs out, it will be replaced by a yellow Life Gauge. If an enemy's Life Gauge is silver with two stars beneath it, he will have three times the stamina of a normal enemy.

TIME REMAINING: You'll have 99 seconds to defeat all the criminal elements that come after you in each section. When you clear each section, either the scene changes, or a "Go" arrow appears, and the clock starts over again. Also if you lose a Fighter in the course of the battle, the clock will start over.


Should you not clear a certain area by the time the timer reaches 00, the words "Time Over" appear, and you lose a Fighter. Your Fighter will receive a full Life Gauge at the beginning of each new Stage.


As you fight the Syndicate's evil legions, you'll come across Items that can help you through the battle. These Items are hidden inside various receptacles: garbage cans, furniture, crates and boxes, oil drums, roadblocks, "alien eggs," piles of sandbags... even arcade machines! Attack the receptacle to destroy it, then pick up the Item by moving over it and pressing Button B.


APPLE: Restores a little bit of energy to your Fighter's Life Gauge.

ROAST CHICKEN: Completely fills your Fighter's Life Gauge!

1UP: Gives you an extra Fighter!

CASH BAG: Adds 1000 points to your score.

GOLD BARS: Gives you a 5000 point bonus!



You'll find in the same receptacles as the Items, lying on the ground, or in the hands of an enemy. A quick assault will force your enemy to drop his or her weapon, which you can then pick up by moving your Fighter over it and pressing Button B. Press Button B to use the weapon, or press Button B and C simultaneously to throw it (you may need to practice this).

KNIFE: It slice, dices and ventilates thugs at close range, and it's a handy long -  range weapon as well!


LEAD PIPE: One strike will drop them in their tracks!

KATANA (JAPANESE SWORD): Really improves your reach!

KUNAI: A Ninja weapon that works as well as a knife!

BOMB: Usually thrown at you by your enemies. You can pick the bomb up before it explodes and throw it back at your enemies, but if you aren't quick, it will go off in your hand.


Weapons can be knocked out off your hands as well, if you're not careful. You can also drop them when you grab an enemy for a close assault. After you drop a weapon two or three times, it disappears. You will also lose the weapon you are carrying when you proceed to the next scene.




* BLAZE: Jab
* MAX: Chop


FURY: BUTTON B pressed repeatedly

Each Fighter has a cycle of 4 to 5 regular attack moves. If you continue pressing Button  B; the cycle will continue until your enemy falls away.

AXEL: Two Jabs,one Straight, a Middle Kick and a High Kick.

BLAZE: Two Jabs, an Elbow Smash and a High Kick.

MAX: Two Left Chops, a Right Punch, and a Hammer Punch.

SKATE: Two Left Jabs, a Heel Kick, and a Roller Kick with a Backflip.


SINGLE ATTACK: Press and hold Button B, release

AXEL: High Kick.

BLAZE: High Kick.

MAX: Hammer Punch.

SKATE: Roller Kick.

BLITZ: D-Button twice in the same direction -> Button B

AXEL: Grand Upper.

BLAZE: Vertical Slash.


MAX: Power SLide.

SKATE: Super Dash/Dynamite Head Butt.

 REAR ATTACK: Button B + Button C simultaneously

AXEL: Backhand Punch.

BLAZE: 360 Foot Sweep.

MAX: Mule Kick.

SKATE: Backflip Kick.

NOTE: Be sure your Fighter is not holding a weapon while attempting this move - otherwise the weapon will be thrown.



JUMP ATTACK: Button C -> Button B

Press Button C to jump,then press Button B at the peak of the jump for an aerial attack.

AXEL: Vertical Kick.

BLAZE: Roundhouse Kick.

MAX: Super Hammer Punch.

SKATE: Double Back Kick.


JUMP KICK: D-Button (left or right) + Button C -> Button B

Press the D-Button in the direction you want your FIghter to attack.

AXEL: Side Kick.

BLAZE: Side Kick.

MAX: Drom Kick.

SKATE: Side Kick.


DROP ATTACK: Button C -> D-Button DOWN -> Button B

 AXEL: Knee Press.

BLAZE: Flying Shop.

MAX: Elbow Drop.

SKATE: Roller Press.



If you move your Fighter close enough to an opponent, he or she will grab that opponent by the shoulders. Wreak some heavy damage with the following moves:

FLURRY: Button B pressed repeatedly

Each Fighter has a cycle of 2 to 3 attack moves. If you continue pressing Button B, the cycle will continue until your enemy falls away.


AXEL: Knee Kick followed by a Head Butt.

BLAZE: Knee Kick followed by a Throw.

MAX: Bear Punch.

SKATE: Two Heads Butts followed by an Elbow Smash.

POWER BLOW: Wait one second, then press Button B

AXEL: Head Butt.

BLAZE: Throw.

SKATE: Head Butt.


FLURRY: D-Button pressed TOWARD Opponent + Button B pressed repeatedly

AXEL: Four Knee Kicks.

BLAZE: Two Knee Kicks and an Elbow Smash.

MAX: Two Knee Kicks followed by a Head Butt.

BODY THROW: D-Button pressed AWAY FROM Opponent + Button B

AXEL: BAck Throw.

BLAZE: Back Sacrifice Throw.

MAX: Brain Buster.

SKATE: Roller Uppercut.


SUPER SLAM: Button C -> Button B

Use Button C to vault over your opponent (or in Max's case, to jump), then use Button B to make your enemy kiss concrete!

AXEL: Body Slam.

BLAZE: Back Drop.

MAX: Thunder Body Slam.

SKATE: Neck Throw.

Get Skate behind an enemy and press Button B for a headpounding Migraine.


Max is too heavy to vault over an opponent, so he must find  another way to get behind his enemy for the following: Press Button B for a German Suplex, or press Button B, then Button C for a back-breaking Atomic Drop.



AXEL: Dragon Wing.

BLAZE: Embukyaku.

MAX: Knuckle Bomb.

SKATE: Double Spin Kick.


DIRECTED ATTACK: D-Button + Button A

AXEL: Dragon Smash

BLAZE: Kikousho.

MAX: Thunder Tackle.

SKATE: Corkscrew.

you can use Special Attacks as often as you want; however, each Special Attack drains your Fighter's Life Gauge. A stationary Special Attack only drains your Fighter's Life Gauge if he or she makes contact with an enemy. A directed Special Attack drains your Fighter's Life Gauge every time you use it. If your Fighter's Life Gauge gets too low, you won't be able to use the Special Attack.




Start your search where knife - wielding punks rule the streets. Trail them into a seedy downtown dive, and clean house! In a back alley behind the bar, you'll meet Barbon, a bartender who lifts barbells more than bottles - and who isn't happy about your trashing his clientele!


There's a toll on this bridge, and bomb - tossing bikers plan to take it out of your hide! In the back of a moving supply truck, you'll challenge one of their best warriors. At the far end of the bridge, an airborne attacker threatens to ruin your day!



Let the local slime know that the party's over as you stroll through the park grounds. Score a few hits in a local arcade, and enter the "Pirates" attraction where blade - wielding ninja types make for a rough ride! Try out the Alien House, where the props explode, and real danger lurks in the fake fog. You might even have to take on the attraction itself...


On the diamond you'll meet Big Ben, a baseball fan who looks like he's had far too many chili dogs. Clean his clock, and watch that fiery  breath! A secret elevator takes you to an underground arena where winner takes all!



Check out the cargo holds for valuables and gangsters, and take on Raven, a vicious kick - boxer! Swab the upper decks with a couple of undesirables, but be on the lookout for some really bad news...


There's no time to stop and enjoy the scenery - you'll be too busy with Raven's kick - boxing buddies. Knock through sandbags and grab Items while you can. You'll need all the stamina you can get for the battle ahead!



Take on waves of attackers on moving conveyor belts. Then grab a cargo elevator up to the roof, where you'll take on two very solid foes!


You're on your own here. Just be aware that Mr. X has been expecting you, and he has some surprises in store...



You receive points for each Syndicate slimeball you put away. The point value of each thug depends on his or her strength, with the really tough guys who try to pound you into paste at the end of each Stage worth the most points. Pile up an impressive score and collect extra Fighters while you pull the city back from the clutches of Mr. X!

You can also collect bonus points as you clear each Stage, and the more difficult a level you play, the higher the bonus.


Clear Bonus: 5000 points

Time Bonus: 1000 points for every second remaining on the timer.

Level Bonus:

Easy             5000 points
Normal        10000 points
Hard            20000 points
Hardest        30000 points

You'll also be able to pick up extra Fighters by scoring the necessary points.

1 UP:

First            20000 points
Second       50000 points
Third           100000 points
Next            Every 100000 points



When you run out of Fighters, the game ends. In the upper part of the screen (upper left corner for Player 1, upper right corner for Player 2), the words GAME OVER will appear. If you achieved a high score, you'll have a chance to enter your initials Cycle through the letters by pressing the D-Button left or right, and press Button C to enter your choice and go on to the next letter. You'll have three spaces to enter initials. When you have filled all three spaces, the letters ED appear.


Press Button C. If you have Continues remaining, you can choose to continue the game from your present Stage. Use the D-Button to select Yes or No, and press Button C. If you selected Yes, the words "Select Character" will appear and you'll be able to choose a Fighter for the next round. Use the D-Button to cycle through the Fighters, and press Button C to choose. When you continue, your score will be reset to "0".


You are allowed two Continues. If you run out of Continue, the words GAME OVER appear in the center of the screen, and the game ends.


If you end the game with your score in the top ten, you can enter your initials on the High Score screen. The Name Entry screen appears in the information Window of the game screen (top left corner for Player 1, top right for Player 2).



* Grab Items as soon as you can to collect additional points and stamina before the end of each scene.
* Stay out the sides of the screen. Enemies love to lurk there, where you can't see their moves. Lure your opponents out
   where you can see them.
* Go for the thug with the weapon first - he can do the most damage, especially when your back is turned.
* Some Fighter's are better with certain weapons than others. Experiment! If your Fighter is not good with a certain weapon,
  ignore it, or throw it out of your opponents' reach.
* If you are carrying a weapon you want to keep using, avoid standing over any other weapons lying about - instead of
   attacking, you'll wind up juggling weapons.
* Watch the shadows on the ground for advance warning of an enemy dropping in on you!