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Disney's The Lion King brings to life the majesty and mystery of Africa through the tale os Simba, a lion cub faced with the challenging transition to maturity. Believing himself to be responsible for his father's death, Simba enters the wilderness...where he finds salvation with Pumbaa the warthog and Timon the meerkat, and his education begins.

Take control of Simba in his fight to claim his rightful place as the Lion King, from cub to lion prince; through interaction as detailed as the lush terrain. the unique feeling of controlling a four - legged hero is further heightened as Simba's strength and abilities grow.

The experience gained from avoiding the trampling hooves of stampeding wildebeest and tackling heinous hyenas in the elephant's graveyard is invaluable for when Simba eventually confronts his evil uncle Scar... in a battle to prove which of them is worthy to rule the Pridelands. As an added bonus, you also get to control Pumbaa and Timon in two different bonus stages.


Take Control!

Before you begin to play, take the time to familiarize yourself with the movements and functions of the Control Pad.



The Title Screen

When you see the Title Screen you are ready to play Disney's The Lion King. Two options are presented:


* Press the D-Button up or down to choose between the options.

* Press any other Button to select the option.

START: Begin play.

OPTIONS: Call up the Options Screen.


Six options are presented:

Difficulty: The harder the setting, the less Simba characters and Continues you have to play with.

Music is ON or OFF, depending whether or not you wish to hear the atmospheric music.

Sound FX are ON or OFF, depending on whether or not you wish to hear them during play.

Sound Test: Listen to all the sound effects and music used in Disney's The Lion King. A list is presented - select a sound as you would an option.

* Press the Start Button to return to the Options Screen.

Triggers: If the basic controls are not to your liking, change item - from the choice of six available variations.

Exit: Return to the Title Screen.


What You Can Expect To See In Play

Roar Meter: The might of Simba's roar increases with every Blue Beetle collected. Note that the Roar Meter is emptied when Simba begins a level or is hit by anything unpleasant.

Health Meter: Shows how strong Simba feels. A Simba character is lost when the Health Meter is empty.

Simba Characters Remaining: You start with 3, 4 or 5, depending on the Difficulty setting. When all Simba characters are lost, it's Game Over... Unless you have a Continue.

Controlling Simba

Remember: you can redefine the Buttons for the roar, jump and slash functions on the Options Screen. The controls mentioned here are the default settings.

Movement: Along the ground or in the air.


* Press the D-Button left or right to move in those directions.

Crouching: Simba also looks down so you can see what lies in wait below.

* Press the D-Button down to crouch.

Looking Up: To see what dangers are above.

* Press the D-Button up to look up.

Jumping: Straight up or, with the D-Button pressed, to the right or left. Jumping is useful not only for getting  around but also for pouncing on adversaries.

* Press the C Button to jump.

Roaring: Simba's roar momentarily stuns his adversaries - and reduces their stamina when it's fully charged.

* Press the A Button to roar.

Rolling: When the young Simba's running he can curl up into a ball to bump adversaries in his path.

Note that some areas are only accessible when Simba's rolling. It may take time to get used to this move, but it's worth the effort.

* Press and hold the D-Button down and in the direction Simba's facing to roll.

Slashing: Only when Simba's an adult can he use his razor - sharp claws to slash adversaries. Note that Simba can also slash when he's in the air.

* Press the B Button to slash in the direction Simba's facing.

Mauling: When Simba's an adult he can maul and even flip adversaries.

* Press the B and C Buttons in rapid succession to maul.
* Press the X, Y or Z Button on a Six - Button Control Pad.

Grabbing: If Simba leaps for a ledge but doesn't quite make it, he will grab it and hang on.

* Press the D-Button up to climb on to the ledge.
* Press the D-Button down to fall.


Note that if Simba's hanging from a crevice in a solid wall, he can spring off it. If there's a wall behind him, Simba will turn and grab on to any available crevice. A technique can be developed which will allow Simba to climb.

Swinging: Simba can swing on any poles such as small rock protrusions, bones and the like. He swings until he jumps, either forwards or backwards.

Controlling Pumbaa

* Press the D-Button left or right to move Pumbaa in those directions.
* Press any Button except Start to make Pumbaa belch.

Controlling Timon

* Press the D-Button left or right to make Timon move in those directions.
* Press the Jump button to make Timon jump straight up.

Hold It!

It's wise to take a break for 10 minutes in every hour of play. Rather than turn off your Mega Drive, why not put the action on hold? Note: do not leave the action frozen for too long or your television or monitor screen may be damaged.

* Press the Start Button to freeze the action.
* Press the Start Button when the action is frozen to resume play.

Simba's World

THE PRIDELANDS: Take it slow and get used to controlling Simba, especially his pounces, rolls and roars. Beware of the explosive Bombardier Beetle, watch out for Special Items and don't be afraid to explore (there's no time limit). Take advantage of the Continue Markers to save having to replay from the very beginning.


Can't Wait To Be King: Use the rhinoceroses' heads to spring into the trees, and make the most of the birds' nests to reach the monkeys. Beware: some monkeys are confused by Simba's roar...When Simba is riding the ostrich, duck or jump the birds' nests.

The Elephant Graveyard: Be warned: two hyenas are ready to fight at the beginning of this level. Swing and climb through the bones, but don't linger too long on the crumbling ones...The vultures attack with a swoop, so climb higher and turn the tables on them Stretched elephant hide is springy, but there's a limit...

The Stampede: The wildebeests have bolted, so run before Simba's trampled. Look out for warnings of boulders and jump out of harm's way.

Simba's Exile: Look before you leap - and drop! Scar's hyenas are on Simba's tail, throwing rocks all the way: the only way to escape the Pridelands is through its thorny border.

Hakuna Matata: Guide Simba across the different waterfalls, jumping as high as possible between the logs. Beware the gorilla's coconuts; try rolling to knock them back.

Simba's Destiny: At last Simba has become a full-grown lion, so take the time to get used to his new moves: mauling, slashing and heavy pouncing. And listen to that roar! The vines can be cut with a slash, but the falling rocks must be avoided. Pounce, maul and roar to defeat the cheetahs and pass through the Pridelands.

Be Prepared: Avoid the dripping hot lava. Ride the rocks on the river and beware of the bats. Watch out for the geysers in the final room and ride to the exit.

Simba's Return: Chase the hyenas off Pride Rock and show them who's the rightful king of the Pridelands. Simba must  defeat all the hyenas i a room before he can move on ... and eventually confront Scar.


* Press the D-Button up to enter a cavern and emerge elsewhere in the level.

Pride Rock: This is it: Simba's evil uncle and pretender to the throne, Scar, must be a fight between the two mightiest lions in the Pridelands. The fate of Pride Rock depends on you!

The Bonus Stage

There are two different ones - can you find them?

Bug Toss: Use Pumbaa to collect the falling bugs dropped by Timon. Avoid the Bad Bugs (see Bad Bugs on page 11) but don't miss any of the others or this Bonus Stage will come to an end. Use Pumbaa's belch to clear the screen of all bugs that might be missed. Note that Pumbaa has only one belch per Bonus Stage.

Bug Hunt: Use Timon to hop between the ledges and collect bugs. Again, don't miss any  - except the bad ones - or this Bonus Stage is over.

Special Items

When you see any of the following, get them!

Plain Beetles: restore half of Simba's health.

Patterned Beetles: Restore all of Simba's health.

African Red Bugs: Increase Simba's total health.

Blue Beetles: Increase Simba's roar power.

1 Up: An extra Chance - to a maximum of nine at once.

Circle Of Life: An extra Continue. If you have a Circle Of Live when all Simba characters are lost, you are given a choice: quit or continue play from the last level completed.

Continue Marker: Play resumes from the last one touched before a Simba character was lost.

Bad Bugs

These four bugs are found in the main levels but present the biggest problem in the Bonus Stages.