Done by Entrax


Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were standing on the stage of a performance hall, practicing their magic act for a big magic show.

"I don't know..." Donald was saying. "We need some new magic. Something flashy.

"Hmm..." Mickey thought for a moment, then brightened. "Hey, Donald, what about this?" Mickey waved his wand, and POW! a flash and a huge puff of smoke burst from his magic hat. "That should end our performance with a bang, right, Donald? Donald? Are you all right?

In the middle of a pile of background scenery, Mickey saw something move. Donald got up from where he had fallen, and pushed away a fake tree. "That was flashy, all right," he grumbled.

Donald turned around to see an unusual wooden box, carved to look like a face with a velvet curtain in its mouth. "A magic box! Oh, boy! This would be perfect for our act!"

But Mickey noticed something unusual - an ominous glow behind the curtain. "Uh, i don't know if that's such a good idea..."

"Aw c'mon, what are you afraid off?" Donald hopped into the box, and POOF! he was gone!

"Donald?" Mickey pulled the curtain aside. "Where are you?" He stepped into the box, and POOF! Mickey vanished as well!


As Mickey and Donald fell through darkness, an evil, booming laugh echoed all around them. "Welcome to my World of Magic!" a voice said mockingly . "You may be good magicians in your world, but you still have a lot to learn! If you don't learn quickly, you'll never leave this place! I can show you the way to go home, but only if you find me and defeat me in a magic duel. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

The two would - be magicians are transported to a strange, fantastic world where dreams are reality, and the unexpected is sure to happen! Only magic will protect them in times of danger. Will they find the way home?

Can you help them?



Directional Button (D-Button)

* Press left or right to make your character go in those directions.
* Press down to duck.
* Press up to enter certain doorways.
* Press down  to operate the Mining Cart in 2 - player games.

Start Button

* Press to skip past the introduction screens.
* Press to exit the Options screen.
* Press to pause the game; press again to resume play.

Button A

* Press along with the D-Button to dash out of dangerous situations.
* In 2-player games, press to give your friend a helping hand.

Button B

* Press to attack with your Magic.
* Press to choose a mode on the Options screen.

Button C

* Press to jump.
* Press to open a mode on the Options screen.
* With the D-Button pressed DOWN, press to crawl under objects.

Note: The game play functions of Buttons A, B and C can be changed using the CONTROL mode on the Options screen.



Following the Sega logo, an introduction appears. If you wait for a moment, you'll see a short demonstration of the game.

Press the Start Button at any time. You'll then see how Mickey and Donald got into this mess. Press Button A, B or C to hurry the story screens, or press the Start Button to skip the story and proceed to the Options screen.


On this screen you'll be able to make several choices concerning the game. Use the D-Button to move the green frame around the card you want, and press Button C to flip the card and see your choices.


Player : Choose between a 1P (1-player) or 2P (2-player) game and press Button C. Next, choose the character you want to play and press Button B or C. When playing a 2-player game, Player 1 makes the first choice. A red frame will appear around the character chosen. Player 2 will get the remaining character. The same character cannot be chosen twice.

Note: You will be allowed to choose a 2-player game only if Control Pad 2 is plugged into your Mega Drive system.


Password: When you choose this option, you'll see four cards. Use the D-Button to frame the card you want and press button C to flip the card until the one you want appears. Then use the D-Button to select the next card. When you have selected the cards for your password, press the Start Button to enter your password and begin the game. If you make a mistake in entering your password, the words PASSWORD ERROR! will appear at the bottom of the screen, and you'll need to try again.

Sound: Select this option and press Button C to preview the music and sounds used in the game. When selecting music, you may have to wait a moment for each theme to begin.


Control: This option allows you to change the functions of Buttons A, B and C. You'll have four types to choose from, and the button functions will be displayed on the bottom four cards. Use the D-Button to select the Type you want, then press Button B or C.

In 2-player games, Player 1 makes the first choice, with P1 appearing over the Type desired. When P2 appears, Player 2 can choose.

Note: If you don't select a control type, the Computer will automatically select A-Type for you.

When you have made all your selections in the Options screen, press the Start Button to begin play.



As Mickey or Donald, you'll begin your journey through a deep, dark forest, surrounded by huge trees and twisting vines. Leap from flower to flower, or crawl through hollow logs. Fierce Soldiers Ants rush you with their spears, and Leaf Creatures flutter in your path. Press Button B (Magic) to pass your Magic Cape over your attackers and make the danger disappear. Sometimes it takes more than one pass with your cape, so you'd better be quick!


Health Points: You'll start the game with 5 Health Points, represented by playing cards. Whenever your character suffers damage, you lose one card. When all the cards are gone, you lose a Try. You can gain up to 8 Health Points by picking up certain items.

Tries Remaining: You'll start the game with 3 Tries. You can lose Tries by running out of Health Points or taking a fall. When the counter reads "00," the game ends.



There are a number of goodies hidden along your path that can help you along the way. Most of these items can be found in small bags, but there are others hidden in places throughout the game. Pick up each item by touching it.

Candy: Gives you one Health Point/

Cake: Gives you maximum Health Points!

Card: Collect 52 of these for an extra Try.

Magic Hat: Gives you an extra Try!

Silver Card: Makes your character invincible for a short period of time. But be careful - your character is not immune to falling!

Rocket: Defeats all enemies on screen in spectacular display!



You and a friend, as Mickey and Donald, can explore the World of Illusion together in a special adventure! There are also certain items that you will only be able to reach by helping each other. Be sure to share your goodies and watch out for each other - only by working together will you be able to find the way home.


The two of you start with 6 Tries that you share. Each time a character's Health Points run out, or he takes a fall, one Try is deducted from the counter. When there is one Try remaining, the computer will ask the surviving player if he would like to continue with a one-player game, or share the final Try. Make your selection with the D-Button, and press any button to choose.

You won't be able to go far without your partner, and when a character loses a Try, and there are Tries remaining; the other character will have to touch him to revive him.


You can let your partner bounce you to high places or ...

...balance your partner on your shoulders so he can jump up.

Walk to the edge, the press Button A (Run Button) to lower him a line.

Mickey might be able to crawl through small places more easily than Donald. If Donald gets stuck, have Mickey go through the tight spot first. Then have Donald give it a try. As Donald is squeezing, walk up to him and press Button A (Run Button), to pull him through.

Operate a Mining Cart by pressing the D-Button DOWN. Timing is very important, and you may need to practice.



As Mickey and Donald set out in search of powerful Magic and the way home, they'll pass through five Stages. Mickey's adventure will be a little different than Donald's.

At the end of each Stage, the master of that realm will challenge you to a duel. If you win, you'll receive a treasure chest whose contents will help you along in future Stages. Pay attention to the screens that follow, and remember their instructions: you'll need the new knowledge to proceed.



You journey begins in a giant forest where fallen leaves dance like ballerinas and wild weeds shoot up from the ground. Even the insects are enormous and they're not friendly! Jump on flowers and try your magic on plants, and see what happens! A hollow tree takes you to an underground lair filled with Spiders. Watch your step!



Take a ride on a Magic Carpet, dodging Vultures and whirling Cyclones. You'll land high on the rocks, where Lightning storms, rushing rivers and other dangers make progress tricky. Take a dance on a piano keyboard, and watch your head!



Conjure a magical diving suit and go for a swim! Dodge snapping Tiger FIsh, and don't get stuck on spiny Sea Urchins. Lure shy Clams into opening the way to secret passages. Explore a sunken pirate ship, and watch for sharks!



Jump out of the fishbowl into a room filled with giant books and jars. Bounce on springy staplers and take a ride on a ruler. Pens and Pencils fly angrily to the attack - be ready with your Magic! Open jars and boxes look inviting - what's inside? Hop in and take a look!



You've found the home of the Magic Master, and the biggest challenge of all! It will take special Magic and wise choices to make your way through the mazes that lead to the Magic Master and your final duel. Will you beat him and make it back home in time for your big magic show?



When you run of Tries the game ends. You'll then see a screen offering you the choice of continuing the game or getting the Password to the level where you ended the game. Simply press the D-Button to move your character in the direction of your choice.

If you choose Continue, you'll start play at the beginning of the Round where you left off. You can continue your game indefinitely.

If you make no choice, the game restarts with the introduction screen in a few seconds.



It you choose Password, four cards will appear. Write their names down carefully (i.e. King of Hearts), in order, so you'll be able to continue your game at the same level at a future time.

In the Password mode of the Options screen, use the D-Button and Button C to flip the four cards to match the cards in your password. The game will then start at the beginning of the level where you received the password.



Explore! There are lots of goodies hidden in unexpected places!

When you are riding the Magic Carpet, floating in a Bubble or riding on a Cork, you won't be able to use your Magic, so be sure to dodge those enemies that try to attack you.

Don't stay in one place for too long, especially when walking on clouds or spider webs.

Watch the demonstration at the beginning of the game for extra hints on how to play.