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-- MODules [MOD, S3M, XM, IT] --  
All MODules are in ZIPped MDZ format, and are best played using MODPlug Player or Plugin.
I refuse to post any MIDI->MODule conversions. Only the real thing here!
Song Format Author / E-mail Length
Bubble Bobble [Arcade, NES, GB, SMS]
Main MOD Timo Vehmaa 00m:45s
Ms. Pac-Man [Arcade, NES, GB, SNES]
Act 1: They Meet S3M AJD3 00m:09s
CastleVania / Dracula [NES]
Stage 3 XM Kent Hansen 01m:12s
Gremlins II [NES]
Intro XM Kent Hansen 00m:31s
Stage 1 XM Kent Hansen 01m:02s
Journey to Silius / RAF World [NES]
Ending XM Jon Dal 01m:42s
Final Stage XM Jon Dal 00m:55s
Into the Light XM Jon Dal 04m:23s
Menu XM Jon Dal 01m:24s
Stage 1 XM Jon Dal 01m:03s
Stage ? XM Jon Dal 00m:55s
Kid Icarus [NES]
Sky World XM Kent Hansen 01m:32s
Mega Man / Rockman [NES], Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge / Rockman World [GB]
Bomb Man Stage S3M Frostbite 00m:31s
Ice Man Stage S3M Nitro 00m:38s
Dr. Wily XM Jon Dal 03m:07s
Mega Man II / Rockman 2 [NES]
Air Man Stage MOD Jordan Poet 01m:27s
Bubble Man Stage XM Steve Leung 00m:43s
Crash / Clash Man Stage S3M Nitro 00m:56s
Intro / Ending ver.1 S3M Nitro 03m:19s
Intro / Ending ver.2 XM Steve Leung 02m:41s
Metal Man Stage MOD Daf 00m:40s
Quick Man Stage S3M Nitro 00m:38s
Mega Man III / Rockman 3 [NES]
Hard Man Stage IT Noah Sproat 00m:48s
Shadow Man Stage IT Noah Sproat 00m:59s
Snake Man Stage ver.1 S3M Nitro 00m:42s
Snake Man Stage ver.2 XM Steve Leung 00m:46s
Mega Man IV / Rockman 4 [NES]
Boss IT Noah Sproat 00m:17s
Dr. Wily Stage 2 IT Noah Sproat 00m:49s
Mega Man V / Rockman 5 [NES]
Charge Man Stage IT Noah Sproat 01m:13s
Wave Man Stage IT Noah Sproat 01m:06s
Shadowgate [NES]
Main XM Kent Hansen 00m:34s
Super Mario Bros. 3 [NES, SNES]
Underground / Pipe IT Sailor Star Fighter 00m:19s
Kirby's Dream Land 1&2 [GB],Kirby's Adventure [NES], Kirby Super Star, Kirby's Dream Land 3 [SNES]
Hyper / Super S3M Timo Vehmaa 00m:21s
Super Mario Land [GB]
Overworld MOD Timo Vehmaa 02m:18s
Mega Man X / Rockman X [NES]
Storm Eagle Stage MOD Jihun Lee 00m:56s
Super Bonk [SNES]
Credits IT Elimanator 02m:14s
Super Mario RPG [SNES]
Big Boss ver.1 S3M Terha Uzyn 01m:51s
Big Boss ver.2 S3M AJD3 01m:05s
Big Boss ver.3 S3M Terha Uzyn & Matthew Berg 00m:58s
Smithy #1 S3M Terha Uzyn 01m:03s
Smithy #2 S3M Terha Uzyn 01m:08s
Super Mario World [SNES]
Intro MOD Archeide 00m:49s
Map Screen MOD Archeide 00m:15s
Overworld #1 MOD Archeide 00m:48s
Mario Kart 64 [N64]
Ending IT Mathew Valente 02m:54s
PilotWings 64 [N64]
Hangglider XM Emil Broling 01m:14s
Super Mario 64 [N64]
Credits IT Mathew Valente 03m:30s
Metal Cap MOD Joel de Guzman 00m:27s
Water Levels XM Emil Broling 01m:28s

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