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Super Mario Bros. 2: Japanese

review by MEGAߥTE, 1-15-98

WAV clip from Super Mario Bros. 2J theme.
252kB, 12s, 22kHz, 8bit, Mono
Name: Super Mario Bros. 2
System: NFC
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release date: 1986
Genre: Action / Adventure
Save: Yes (Disk)
Players: One
ESRB Rating: No Rating

Super Mario Bros. 2: Japanese was the true sequel to SMB. It was not released in North America because it was deemed to be too hard for North Americans. In its place, Nintendo edited a game called Doki Doki Panic and released. SMB2J was eventually relased in 1993 in in the Super Mario All-Stars pack, as Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.

This game is not unlike SMB. Some of the graphics have been changed, but the basic game engine is the same. New additions are:

  • The Poisonous Mushrooms - They look very much like Super Mushrooms but they have black dots, and do the exact opposite of their red-dotted counterparts. They power you down!
  • Red Piranha Plants - Unlike the green ones, these guys will come out of their pipes even if you are standing on them!
  • Flying Bloober - They float around in the sky as if they were still underwater.
  • Bowser's Twin - In a few castles, Bowser's twin is found near the midpoint.
Also added in some levels are wind that blows you around and green springboards that propel you so high, you fly off the screen! Included in this game are also retro-warp zones which take you back a few worlds!
Just play it as SMB, collecting Super Mushrooms, Stars, and Fire Flowers to help you on your way.
Each of the worlds is separated into four levels, just like in SMB. After you beat World 8-4, you will either continue on to A-1, or 9-1 depending on if you used any warp zones. More on this below. The final stage of the game is D-4. If you lose all of your lives, you are given the option to continue on the first level of the world you are on. This is just like the secret code in SMB.

Save Princess Peach and her Mushroom Retainers, again.

Only one type of mushroom can be on the screen at a time.. remember this.
Also, the only way to get to World 9 is to not use any warp zones. There are many in the game, but if your goal is to reach World 9, you cannot take a warp, let the timer run out if you happen to end up at one.
Mario and Luigi have different attributes. Mario can't jump as high, but he can stop faster. Luigi can jump higher, but slides to a stop. Choose the player that fits you best.

—Tips and Tricks—
If you touch the flagpole when the last digit of the timer is a 1, 3, or 6, fireworks will go off, giving you 500 points each. The number of fireworks you get matches the last digit on the timer. In addition, if you touch the flagpole when your coin total is two of the same digit and the last digit of the timer is the same digit, you will receive a 1-up.
In a few very strange situations, when you find a gap that is exactly the right width, you can make Mario levitate and move to higher ground.

Very challenging, takes SMB to a new level of play.

This game is a recycled SMB and is only one player.


It was one of the earliest Nintendo games, remember, but it still had decent graphics. Improved over SMB.
The sound is exactly like SMB, and that is not a bad thing.
Play Control:
Play control varies because you can choose either Mario or Luigi, who have different attributes.
This is a very challenging game.. they didn't even release it in the US because they thought it was so hard.
It's a Mario game, therefore it's fun.
The design is much improved over SMB, but some of those obstacles... I don't know what the designers were thinking..
Replay Value:
This game has enough challenge, and with the World 9 only accessible if you don't use warps, playing it again is a necessity.
There are not many new items above what SMB had, so it truly is SMB2. But those posionous mushrooms now...
It is a very good game; it's a shame they only released it in Asia. If you can find a copy, keep it, and play it!

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