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Genecyst Save States (.GS0)

  Game Contributor Description
[] After Burner 2 Norman Rangel Ending
[] Aladdin Czaple Ending
[] Beyond Oasis Steve_W Ending
[] Boogerman Czaple Ending
[] Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing Norman Rangel Ending
[] Cadash psycotron Last boss with a few hits left
[] Castle of Illusion Mr Joe Ending
[] Castlevania:Bloodlines Tom Kim Expert Difficulty, Eric LeCarde, last boss with one hit
[]   Chrono2K Expert ending for John Morris
[] Chuck Rock 2 Say Vegin Ending
[] Comix Zone Artemio Urbina Ending
[] Contra Hard Corps Mooglezz Ending
[] Contra Hard Corps (US) Czaple Best ending (as far as I know), hit the last boss one more time
[] Crackdown Say Vegin Last boss
[] Crusaders of Centy Abaddon Ending - go to King's chamber, get Mac, talk to Alice at south town entrance.
[] D&ampD: Warriors of Eternal Sun pete106 Step forward to see ending
[] Darius 2 (Sagaia) Marcos R. Delai Ending
[] De Cap Attack Rune Walk into the exit to see the ending
[] Desert Strike Nilen Ending
[] Dragon Ball Z Don Endings for 8 different characters
[]   Andry Endings to Gohan and Vegeta on Super Level difficulty
[]   Artemio Urbina Goku's ending
[] Dynamite Headdy Night Rage Ending
[] E-Swat Jacob Ajmal Ending
[] El Viento Youta Ending
[] Eliminate Down alamone Ending (easy mode)
[] Gemfire gungnir Ending
[] Ghostbusters Blade Ending
[] Ghouls 'n' Ghosts Czaple Ending (second time through)
[]   Artemio Urbina Ending
[] Gleylancer alamone gs0) Before last stage, gs1) Ending (normal difficulty)
[] Golden Axe 1 SpooNMan gs0) Last boss gs1) Ending
[] Golden Axe 2 ViV Ending
[] Golden Axe 3 Ash See text file inside zip
[] Gunstar Heroes TGhostal Sequence before final battle
[] Haunting, The DAOS Ending
[] Hellfire Marcos R. Delai Ending
[] Jurassic Park Say Vegin gs0) Raptor's ending, gs1) Grant's ending
[] Kid Chameleon D. T. Ending
[] King's Bounty Bugman Ending
[] Mega SWIV alamone Ending
[] MERCS Saulo Benigno gs0) Arcade ending, gs1) Original ending.
[] Mickey Mouse - World of Illusion Night Rage Ending
[] Mortal Kombat D. T. Shang Tsung was justed killed and Sub-Zero is the Champion.
[] Mortal Kombat II D. T. Game is saved at the end and Sub-Zero becomes the Champion.
[] Ninja Gaiden Czaple Last enemies the ending and ?enjoy?
[] Paper Boy 2 Frank G. Ending
[] Phantasy Star II Terry Lin Just attack Mother Brain for one more round.
[] Phantasy Star III Big Ernie 3 of 4 possible endings.
[] Phantasy Star IV Steve Yun Ending
[]   Wilson Tam Attack the Profound Darkness a few more times to see the ending.
[] Pocahontas Grunge Ending
[] Power Rangers - The Movie Say Vegin Ending
[]   Night Rage Ending
[] Pulseman Artemio Urbina Ending
[] Punisher, The Scorpion One more Hit and the Kingpin is Dead.
[] Raiden Trad Marcos R. Delai Ending
[] Return of Strider David Fosher Ending
[] Rocket Knight Adventures Czaple Just dodge till the atmosphere and see the ending.
[] Sailor Moon Gridle gs0) Last boss with one hit, gs1) ending.
[] Shadow Dancer - The Secret of Shinobi Blade Bonus round is cool, but it has a crappy ending...
[] Shaq Fu Marcos R. Delai Ending
[] Shining Force antithesis Last boss
[] Shining Force 2 Eldwin Tan Near end with 15 mithrils in caravan
[]   antithesis Second to last battle with strong characters
[] Shinobi 3 Blade This is the ending of one cool action game with a bad ending...
[] Sol Deace Zophar Saved right at the death of the GCS-WT.
[] Sonic and Knuckles Daniel Fenick gs1) Ending with Sonic and all Chaos Emeralds gs2) Ending with Knuckles and all Chaos Emeralds gs3) Ending with Sonic and without all Emeralds gs4) Ending with Knuckles and without all Emeralds
[] Sonic & Knuckles with Sonic 3 Lockon tdkim Ending
[] Sonic 3D Blast Fiction gs0) Last Boss, gs1) Ending
[] Sonic 3D Blast NO CARRIER Satage Select
[] Sonic the Hedgehog Zophar Ending (no chaos emeralds)
[]   Larz Ending (with chaos emeralds)
[] Sonic the Hedgehog 2 D. T. Last boss with all Chaos Emeralds.
[] Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Gridle Various, unzip with -d
[] Space Harrier 2 tdkim gs0) Stage 13, gs1) Dark Harrier, gs2) few hits will defeat Dark Harrier
[] Sparkster (Rocket Knight 2) Night Rage Ending
[] Spiderman David Fosher Before Kingpin.
[] Spiderman and Venom - Maximum Carnage David Fosher Ending
[] Spiderman and Venom - Seperation Anxiety    
[] Splatterhouse 2 Czaple Ending
[] Splatterhouse 3 Czaple Ending
[] Streets of Rage Gavin Core 3 bad endings, 1 good ending.
[] Streets of Rage 2 Blade Ending
[] Streets of Rage 3 ViV Saved at the battle with Robot Y.
[] Sunset Riders ViV One hit to Roseman and you win.
[] Super Thunder Blade Norman Range1 Saved right when the last boss is exploding.
[] Terminator 2 Arcade funkymunkey Ending
[] Thunder Force 2 Tom Kim Hard Difficulty, last stage, last boss, one shot will destroy Preareos.
[] Thunder Force 3 Tom Kim Mania Difficulty, last stage, last boss, one shot will destroy Cha Os.
[] Thunder Force 4 Skywarp Last boss.
[] TMNT: Hyperstone Heist Palom With 8 lives, saved at last boss with one hit left.
[] ToeJam & Earl Bugman Ending
[] Twin Cobra Zor Prime Last Boss has just been defeated.
[] Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 bigphoot14 Cheat menu
[] Urban Strike Static Last level, just fly to landing pad
[] Vaper Trail Marcos R. Delai Ending
[] Vectorman Saulo Benigno Ending
[] Wolverine: Admantium Rage Saulo Benigno Ending
[] X-Men David Fosher Near end with Magento 1/3 power
[] X-Men 2 David Fosher Ending for Magneto
[] Zero Wing Marcos R. Delai Ending

Do you have any SaveStates to contribute? Please send them to Deezer along with the name of the emulator, the name of the game, and a short description of the saved game.

SaveRAMs and SaveSates



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