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N64 SaveRAMs

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N64 SaveRAMs (.SAV)

Big thanks to PiGMa for sending these in!
  Game Author    Description
[] 1080 Snowboarding J-F-K All match race modes, all courses are available, all training moves have been performed. To activate it the Penguin Board, select the Tahoe 151 board and press C\/ + A
[] Aerofighters Assault Curt Mac  
[] Blast Corps    
[] Crusin' USA   All levels from start enabled. 2nd level "yellow" Devastator VI car enabled.
[] Diddy Kong Racing SirSmooth & Bateekha All worlds open. TT the clock and drumstick characters are both activated.
[]   Fulgore World 1-4 and 4 battles open
[] Doraemon Curt Mac Ever wanted to finish this mario clone? Here is something that will help you.
[] GoldenEye 007 Woods Includes all cheats
[]   Lomax Includes 22 out of 24 cheats
[] Mario Kart 64   Mirrored tracks available
[] Pilotwings 64    
[]     Perfectly done...
[] Star Fox 64 RYU All 30 medals
[]     512 bytes, US/Jap compatible, all 15 medals on normal mode (play with tanks in VS mode, expert mode, soundtest).
[] Shadows of the Empire Yuzzy / Datawiz  
[] Super Mario 64   All 120 Stars
[] Tetrisphere MAXX Rescue-Mode (Level 5:10), Hide-Seek-Mode (Level 6:4)
[] Wave Race 64   All courses and ride on a dolphin!
[] Yuke Yuke Trouble Makers   All levels and 33 yellow diamonds
[] Collection BBR Collection of saves including Blast Corps, Yuke Yuke Trouble Makers, and Multi Racing Championship

Do you have any SaveRAMs to contribute? Please send them to Deezer along with the name of the emulator, the name of the game, and a short description of the saved game.

SaveRAMs and SaveSates



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