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Big thanks to PiGMa for sending these in! For more Mario Bros. movies, check out my collection at Sub-Space. They'll be on this page eventually, I'm just too lazy too add them :-P

  Game Director    Description
[] Adventure Island 2 C. Green Ending
[] Adventure Island 3 Tony  
[] Astyanax Da Jukebox Ending
[] Arkanoid RBrav Ending
[] Batman Lee Rognstad Ending
[] Blaster Master C. Green Last boss
[]   I NeXuS I Ending
[] Bubble Bobble C. Green Last boss
[] Bubble Bobble 2 C. Green Ending
[] Casino Kid Neil Cutshaw Ending
[] Chip and Dale ObiWan37 Ending
[] Castlevania "Castlevnia" First level
[] Castlevania 2 Akira Third ending
[] Castlevania 3 C. Green Beating Dracula without getting hit
[] Double Dragon 3 C. Green Ending
[] Dr. Mario ObiWan37 All 3 endings
[] Dragon Warrior Jonathan Fields Ending
[] Dragon Warrior 3 & 4 Xahji Beating both games
[] Duck Tales ObiWan37 Ending
[] Duck Tales 2 ObiWan37 Both endings
[] Faxanadu RBrav Ending
[] Felix the Cat Dav Ending
[] Final Fantasy Sailor Star Fighter Final battle with Chaos
[] Final Fantasy 3 Mimic Fighting Phoenix
[]   Mimic Fighting Leviathan
[]   Mimic Fighting Odin
[]   Elton Last boss
[] Galaxy 5000 Cathy  
[] Gargoyles Quest 2 Neil Cutshaw Ending
[] Ikari Warriors 3 Dav and Pan Last boss
[] Jaws Lee Rognstad  
[] Joust Jamal Traub  
[] Kid Icarus C. Green Beating level 3-4
[] Kirby's Adventure ]V[aLLo!! Last 2 bosses
[] Kung-Fu C. Green Beating levels 1 through 4
[] Lengendary Wings Neil Cutshaw Ending
[] Little Nemo C. Green Ending
[]   Rivera Beating the game without getting hit
[] Lolo 2 C. Green Ending
[] Megaman 1-6 LagoGod Endings to Megaman 1 through 6
[] Megaman 2 Rich Green(FuSoYa) Making it through the "Quickman gauntlet"
[] Metroid C. Green The long upward climb after beating Mother Brain
[]   David Timko Beating Kraid using only bombs
[]   David Timko Beating Ripley using only bombs
[] Monster in My Pocket _U-God_ Ending
[] Ninja Gaiden 2 Jimmy Houng Ending
[] River City Ransom Fork  
[]   Bradleyforrest Ending
[] RollerBlades C. Green Last boss
[] Shadowgate RBrav Ending
[] Skate or Die paul burslem Half-pipe
[]   rgarman Beating Lester in the Joust
[] Snake Rattle and Roll C. Green Last boss
[] Tecmo Bowl Stige 63-0 against Seattle
[] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 ObiWan37 Ending (with Game Genie)
[] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 sYco Ending
[]   C. Green Ending
[] The Guardian Legend RBrav Ending
[] Uninvited Neil Cutshaw Ending
[] Zelda 2 NEVERMIND8 Ending

Do you have any movies to contribute? Please send them to Deezer along with the name of the emulator, the name of the game, and a short description of the movie.

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