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»»» SNES SaveRAMs (.SRM) « «« «««

  Game Contributor  Description
[×] Actraiser The Griffin After beating the game w/ Professional mode available
[×] Actraiser (2) Lone Eagle All but NorthWall are being built
[×] Chrono Trigger Maniac Final Battle After Defeating Lavos' Head
[×] Chrono Trigger (2) Shadow Final Level (Try getting different Endings)
[×] Chrono Trigger (3) DooMStalK Has New Game Plus and a save inside the Dark Omen
[×] Donkey Kong Country Dan Saedén Ending sequence
[×] Final Fantasy 2 MaDKinD Last possible save point
[×] Final Fantasy 3 GSlice Final Battle Against the Three Statues and Kefka
[×] Final Fantasy 5 The Mystical One Slot 1: The Sinking of Ghido's Island. Slot 2: Before entering the Second World
[×] Final Fantasy 5 (2) JohnMOG1 In front of ExDeath, with all spells, classes, and abilities
[×] Final Fantasy Mystic Quest JohnMOG1 Last level
[×] Harvest Moon Alex Kohler Autumn/5 hearts with one of the girls and 3 with another/2 chickens
[×] Lufia and the Fortress of Doom Júnior Santin "The final part"
[×] Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals alamone No description
[×] Super Mario World Bert Sampson 1st, 2nd, Star levels beaten
[×] Super Mario World (2) In the last Ghost House Santeri Saarimaa
[×] Super Mairo World (3) MEGAߥTE 95 exits completed (all but Funky)
[×] Super Mario World (4) MEGAߥTE All 96 exits completed
[×] Super Metroid Bert Sampson After Opening Level
[×] Super Metroid (2) alamone Slot 1: More items but a longer time. Slot 2: Less items but a shorter time. Both are in Tourian.
[×] Secret of Evermore JohnMOG1 At Omnitopia, with the toaster dog
[×] Super Punchout! Lone Eagle Defeat of 3 modes
»»» Wanted « «« «««

Do you have any SaveRAMs to contribute? Please send them to Deezer along with the name of the emulator, the name of the game, and a short description of the saved game.

SaveRAMs and SaveSates««



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