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ZSNES Save States (.ZST)

Big thanks to Zophar for letting us use his .ZSTs!
  Game Author    Description
[] 100% Cotton alamone zst) Ending (Easy); zs1-zs6) Level 2-7; zs7) Last Boss
[] 3D Devil's Course Atma Ending
[] Assault Suits Valken alamone Ending
[] Arcana joylock zst) Just before Rimsala; zs1) Rimsala with one hit left
[] Axelay Nemesis zst) end of level 5; zs1) last boss; zs2) ending
[] Battletoads & Double Dragon Fx Ending
[] Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon R Paul_VM Ending
[] Blackthorne Jo-Jo The Circus Freak Last boss
[] Breath of Fire Blackthorn In the chamber above the final battle.
[] Breath of Fire 2 Colin Humber One more hit to Deathevn.
[] Castlevania IV Ash Last boss
[] Castlevania: Vampire's Kiss Kalas zst) Last Stage, zs1) Best Ending
[] Chrono Trigger Zorba the Hutt 10 endings
[] Contra 3: The Alien Wars Athman Boukhaoua Level Hard; Last boss
[] Darius Twin abrahao_br Ending
[] Der Langrisser AK Scenario 55(21), Shoot Jessica with High Elves.
For alternate ending, kill Lianna or Lana first.
[] Donkey Kong Country Paul_VM Ending
[] Donkey Kong Country 2 JL_Picard Ending
[] Donkey Kong Country 3 BeanbagJW Lass boss; One hit to win.
[]   SkunkDaPunk Beating the game for the third time.
[] Earthbound Mike After Giyags.
[] Final Fantasy 2 BeanbagJW In the Second World with almost maximum Equip/Items
[]   Cameron Just before final sequence and battle.
[] Final Fantasy 3 Egg-Roll zst) Walk up one square with Setzer to enter the final room; zs1) Right before battle with Kefka;. zs2) Kefka is dead.
[] Samurai Showdown Ken Reilly Final Boss

Do you have any SaveStates to contribute? Please send them to Deezer along with the name of the game and a short description of the saved game.

SaveRAMs and SaveSates



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