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Our technical information archive includes any information on the way consoles, carts, accessories, and emulators work. There is a variety of information available.
Note: not all information may be accurate as most of this information did not come from official sources.
Disclaimer: Any information found on this site is information that has been assumed to be free for the public to be distributed because no prohibition of use was found. If there is a conflict, please inform MEGAߥTE, and he will remove the offending document and all references to the offending document.

»»» System Information « «« «««

General Information 1 Text, 1 HTML
Apple Macintosh 1 HTML
Arcade Boards 1 Text
ASCII Microsoft MSX 6 Text
Atari 2600 VCS 6 Text, 1 HTML
Atari 5200 SS 1 Text
Atari 7800 2 Text
Atari Jaguar 8 Text
Atari Lynx 1 Text, 1 HTML
ColecoVision 2 Text
Commodore 128 3 Text
Commodore 1541 2 Text
Commodore 16 1 Text
Commodore PET-8032 3 Text
Commodore VIC-20 1 Text
Commodore Amiga 500 1 Text
GCS Vectrex 5 Text
Intellivision 3 Text, 1 HTML
NEC PC Engine 2 Text, 1 HTML
NEC TurboGrafx-CD 1 Text
NEC TurboGrafx-16 2 Text, 1 JPEG
NEO-GEO 1 Text
Nintendo 64 1 Text
Nintendo Entertainment System 15 Text, 1 HTML
Nintendo Family Computer 15 Text, 1 HTML
Nintendo Gameboy 6 Text, 3 HTML
Nintendo Super Famicom 13 Text, 1 HTML
Sega 32X 2 Text
Sega GameGear 1 Text
Sega Genesis 18 Text, 2 HTML
Sega Mark III 1 Text
Sega Master System 1 Text
Sega MegaDrive 18 Text, 2 HTML
Sony PlayStation-X 13 Text, 2 HTML, 1 GIF
Super Nintendo Entertainment System 13 Text, 1 HTML
»»» Microprocessor Chip Info « «« «««

GTE 65180 family 2 Text
Motorola / Philips 68000 family 2 Text
Nintendo SuperFX 1 Text
Rockwell / Western Design Center 6500 family 2 Text, 1 HTML
Sony SPC700 2 Text, 2 HTML
Zilog Z80 family 3 Text, 2 HTML
»»» Wanted « «« «««

Have emulation or video game related technical information to add? Send the URL or the document to MEGAߥTE and he will probably add it.

Technical Information««



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