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The Realm

review by Netside, 3-23-98

MIDI clip from The Realm
Name: The Realm
System: Personal Computer
Developer: Sierra
Publisher: Sierra
Release date: 1995
Genre: Role Playing/Adventure
Save: Automatic
Players: Thousands (Online Only Game)
ESRB Rating: No Rating

The Realm was made to be LIKE a kings quest game, but online only. This game was started by Sierra, and is now mainly headed by a man only known as Stephen. This game is constantly changing, therefore the history is now.

As I said earlier, this game is VERY much like a kings quest game, but better. Being an online ONLY game, you will meet new people, form alliances, gangs, and almost everything else you can do in real life. In this game, you will find many things around the realm that will help you to your journey, whether selling them or keeping them is nescessary.

To become a powerful wizard, adventurer, warrior, or theive.

To become a powerful and succesful person in the realm, you will need friends. I have seen level 500's go down under the wrath of a couple of level 60's, and then lose all of their stuff. If you are a wizard and are fighting a warrior, don't worry.. just stun the warrior and death wish him... that way he can't fight back and he is like a fly in tree sap. The way I got to my level so quickly (60) is because of my friends. They hooked me up with some enchanted armor and I was on my way... friends are the best thing to have in the realm.. remember that.

—Tips and Tricks—
There are many ways to earn gold in the realm.. and the easiest is asking for it. Just go up to someone wearing a high level baldric and ask them for a small amount of gold.. and without doubt, they should give you at least 10k. If you are also wanting to not ruin your rep.. take a trip to targoths tomb or the labyrinth.. there are always magical goodies floating around there.

The Game never ends! You keep getting more powerful and powerful throughout the game.
Avoiding Player Killers makes the game more challenging.

Frequent Server Crashes make the game less fun because you can't play 24 hours a day.
Theives make the game less fun, because you lose your precious cargo. But if you can't beat em.. join em!


This game does not use polygons or any other type of 3D look. It still has very decent Graphics.
Does not use really complex sounds, but still peaceful to the mind and during gameplay.
Play Control:
You have almost absolute control over the game, you choose your own agenda. This is one of the better aspects of the game.
This is a very challenging game, because of theives, pickpocketers, and player killers.
Since it can be played with people around the world with minimized lag, it's a very satisfying game.
The designers of this game must have some imagination... very good design..
Replay Value:
You have to play it over and over to become powerful... and almost everybody does ;) even me.
There aren't many games like this that have the midevil/internet game interface... it's very original.
Great game. Download a demo at!

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