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This section contains reviews and opinions on emulators and video games written by our staff and donators.


1998.03.31Callus v0.3Sailor Star Fighter
1998.01.03Stella v0.7/v0.7a/v0.6/v0.61DarkOrk
1998.01.02NESticle v0.43 DOS and v0.42 Win32Deezer

Video Games

1998.03.23The RealmNetside
1998.03.17Super Mario RPGMARIOMaSTeR
1998.01.15Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan)MEGAߥTE
1998.01.14Mario Bros.Deezer
1998.01.08Super Mario Bros.Deezer
1998.01.03Pin BallDeezer

Staff Picks

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  • Games reviews should contain:
    1. Game Name
    2. Game System
    3. Game Developer
    4. Game Publisher
    5. Release Date (Year is OK)
    6. Release Price (Not required for very old games)
    7. Genre
    8. # of players
    9. Save or not (and what type)
    10. Age Rating (ESRB, RASC, etc.)
  • Emulator reviews should contain:
    1. Emulator Name
    2. Author
    3. Homepage URL (if there is one)
    4. Release Date
    5. Platforms
    6. Extent of emulation
    7. Extras
  • All reviews should include:
    1. Overview
    2. Plusses
    3. Minuses
  • Game ratings should be on a scale of 0.0-5.0:
    1. Graphics
    2. Play Control
    3. Game Design
    4. Satisfaction
    5. Challenge
    6. Sound
    7. Originality
    8. Replay Value
    9. Overall
  • Emulator ratings should be on a scale of 0.0-5.0:
    1. Speed
    2. Accuracy
    3. Usability
    4. Graphics Handling (if applicable)
    5. Sound Handling (if applicable)
    6. Overall