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-- Sony Playstation-X --  
Date Topic Version Author
Text Format
97.08.11 [PSX Chips] Maxon
96.01.04 Analyzed infomation of PAD-controler and Memory I/O in the PlayStation T. Fujita & H.Kashima
95.09.26 Sony PlayStation Frequently Asked Questions James Dunford
9X.XX.XX Technical Information
9X.XX.XX [Link Cable Pin-out] Flame
9X.XX.XX History of the PlayStation PSXPower
9X.XX.XX [Sony PlayStation Specifications]
HTML Format
95.02.XX FastForward: Sony Taps LSI Logic for PlayStation Video Game CPU Chip LSI Logic
GIF Format
9X.XX.XX Sony PlayStation System Bock Diagram
C Source
97.04.04 [ROM Stuff]
9X.XX.XX [CheckRect]
9X.XX.XX [EXE Header]
9X.XX.XX [Memory Layout]
9X.XX.XX [VSync]

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