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»»» Intellectual Property: The Final Say? « «« «««

Some things just don't want to die. As is in the case with this topic. I start off again.. 'Intellectual Property'.. what a pain in the ass. You try to resolve something, and just when you think it's resolved, something blows up in your face. Though we finally did get the SaveRAM incident sorted out, look how long it took to fix it. The link below will take you to the last few days of the incident as reported on Patent Pending's SNES SRM Archive.
-SNES SRM Archive Updates 98.03.17 - 98.03.20
I also have uncensored excerpts from conversations I had about the matter that I saved. Follow the next link.
-ICQ Message Log Excerpts of MEGAߥTE and Deezer 98.03.15 - 98.04.02
Here is a link to the closing page of SRM Pit that is mention multiple times. Of course, by publishing this, I suppose I'll get ass-raped by Bubba (read to see what I mean)
-SRM Pit 98.03.16
And that was the end of that.. Jee linked us, we linked him, Jee's site grew, and so did ours, minus the SRMs, but by the time April rolled in we had trouble with another group.. "Admist". This time however, they were the ones that ripped us.. and I mean RIPPED. I've lost most of the logs by now, but I do have both of our pages, there's the first day I saw it, and ours at the apparent time of ripping.
-Patent Pending News and Introduction 98.03.21
-Admist Station News and Introduction 98.04.01
I'd guess you could see that practically EVERYTHING was ripped and slightly altered. There is just too much stuff to list, because I would be listing the whole page! I have been able to dig up a few conversations between us and the Admist staff, they can be found below.
-ICQ Message Log Excerpts of MEGAߥTE and DarkOrk 98.04.02 - 98.04.18
-ICQ Message Log Excerpts of MEGAߥTE and Netside 98.04.02 - 98.04.27
-ICQ Message Log of MEGAߥTE and Kempo 98.04.02
-ICQ Chat Log between DarkOrk and EvilTech 98.04.17
-Mail from MEGAߥTE to EvilTech 98.04.27
-Reply mail from EvilTech to MEGAߥTE 98.04.27
The result of these warrings of course is that Admist went down, and life went on. At present, Admist is still down, but it looks like might return soon, but I'm not worrying that they'll rip us again.. not after the last skirmish.

Ocasionally I see that 'yet another' individual has ripped Zophar's Domain, but fortunately, with all of the support it has, they don't last very long. Too bad it can't be like this for everyone.

I have read every word of the Copyright laws of the U.S. and have come to the conclusion that basically, whatever you create is automatically copyrighted by you -- it doesn't need to have All Rights Secured, or even Reserved for that matter. What you create is yours. The only thing copyrights are good for is to prove ownership in court. I was going to write a whole lot more on this matter, but frankly, I'm diguested by it all. So here I stop. ™, ®, & © - MEGAߥTE,
September 19, 1998

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